The 7 Day Challenge: Day 2 (THURSDAY)

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There has been an outbreak of the swine flu (or something like it) in your city, and you are ordered into quarantine in your home. (YESTERDAY’S LIMITATIONS DON’T APPLY, THESE ARE ALL NEW)


  • For this day, and ALL days of the challenge: no spending money, no going to stores, and no restaurants. Today is more of a “THINKING” day then “DOING” day
  • You can’t leave your house at all (if you have a prior commitment we understand, we both have something Thursday evening we committed to months ago!)
  • Some of your family members have been infected and have fevers/ stomach flus and need proper medication
  • You need to provide comfort foods to infected family members to make them feel better
  • You have used up ALL the toilet paper and paper towels in your bathroom and kitchen, you can only use what you have stored extra (wherever that may be)
  • The family members that have not been infected will stay healthy so long as they follow proper recommendations, meaning proper hand washing and sanitizing, and even wear face masks
    ADVANCED “FOLKS” (for anyone who feels up to it)

  • This is the 7th day or your quarantine, so ALL your fridge food is gone
  • You actually REALLY have to stay home – NO CHEATING!

REMEMBER, TOMORROW’S LIMITATIONS AND TASKS WILL BE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. How long would you have lasted under these conditions, would you be able to stay in your house for an extended amount of time?

Each day we will be giving away a prize that will be drawn randomly among all of that day’s participants (along with LOTS more prizes at the end).  *Click here to see who won the DAY 1 (Wednesday) PRIZE. To provide feedback on today’s challenge, do one of the following:7win



To be filled out at the END of the day.

Remember this is for us all to learn so fill it out honestly!

[form 3 “Day 2 Questionnaire”]

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