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Having conversions for things like powdered milk and powdered eggs on hand in your kitchen readily available is  A TREAT! Also, having cheese stored is a treat we know we would have a hard time living without!

Prize: A Set of Conversion Chart Magnets

WINNER: Rebecca Fryar (we’ll contact you soon to get you your prize)

(two more sets to come at the end)

Company/Website: Everyday Food Storage
Description: Crystal over at EverydayFoodStorage.Net has made her Powdered Milk Conversion chart into a slick kitchen magnet along with NEW charts for Magic Mix and Powdered Eggs! Now making your favorite recipes food storage recipes is even EASIER.

Prize: ONE case of canned cheddar cheese

WINNER: Amber Woodcox Coyne (we’ll contact you soon to get you your prize)

Company: Best Prices Storable Foods
Description: Creamy and delicious, REAL canned cheddar cheese that will store for 10-20 years or longer. A case contains 36 cans a $123 value.

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