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As stated in the introduction post to our “WHY DO PEOPLE BUILD A FOOD STORAGE?” series, we have found there are 5 main reasons people store food:

1. Natural Disasters
2. Economic Crisis
3. Health Benefits
4. Everyday Emergency
5. Religious Reasons

Today we will be talking about the first reason, Natural Disasters, and encourage you to visit our Facebook Discussion on this topic. We learn so much more from each others real life experiences and opinions, so come on over and join the conversation. (You don’t need to be a member of facebook to read the discussions).


So here’s our take on the “Natural Disasters” reason to store food. The truth is, this was one of the main reasons we “STARTED” our food storage program. After “growing up” and having kids we started realizing we were in charge of our families now. If some crisis were to happen, we would have had no idea how to deal with it and we were definitely not prepared.

We would ask ourselves- “If an earthquake hit and we had no power or water for days or weeks, would we have the supplies we needed on hand?” The list of potential “Disasters” is LONG! Here’s just a few that we have come up with:

Natural Hazards
Thunderstorms and Lightning
Winter Storms and Extreme Cold
Extreme Heat
Landslides and Debris Flow (Mudslide)

Technological Hazards
Hazardous Materials Incidents
Household Chemical Emergencies
Nuclear Power Plants

Biological Threats
Chemical Threats
Nuclear Blast
Radiological Dispersion Device (RDD)
Homeland Security Advisory System

WAIT! Don’t get too freaked out. We will be going into more details about all of these situations in future posts (one at a time and with tips on how to deal with them), but for now, we found there is GREAT truth in the following:


REALLY! We started out SO overwhelmed, and totally unsure of how to go about actually becoming prepared. Through BabySteps and patience we have actually gotten to a point where we feel a little more confident and not so afraid to learn more! For a little motivation take a look at Julie’s and Jodi’s beginnings back in 2008. Don’t let the fear overcome you! Get started today!

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