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food-storageI have a confession to make … my husband HATES powdered milk. Even with Crystal’s delicious drinkable powdered milk tips my husband still refuses to drink it (he loves the fatty kind!). As one of the emergencies from our Seven Day Challenge, we had no power, and no fridge food and we decided to make a treat for our kids to keep them occupied in the evening. We happened to have some gummy worms hidden in a cupboard so I made delicious “Worms and Dirt” inspired by a meal at Boston Pizza in Banff, Canada. YUMM!

Worms and Dirt Recipe

1 box of chocolate pudding
Make with Powdered Milk!
Top with Gummy Worms

And my husband didn’t even complain that it was made ONLY with powdered milk! So at least I have one way to sneak it into foods that I know works now 🙂

What other sneaky tips do you have for using powdered milk?

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