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NOW THIS feels like Christmas. We had plenty ideas for this part of the 12 days of Christmas. Feel free to use some of these, or choose your own. Comfort foods are definitely things people need in time of any type of crisis:

Options that are Free or Under $1

Candy Bar or Pudding Mix

Even just a candy bar or 2 in your storage for just in case scenarios are great. Pick up the person’s favorite one and surprise them with a little treat to have in time of need (and tell them they can’t eat it right away, they have to store it 😉 Tie a cute ribbon around the candy bar and add the Day 10 Tags and you’re all set.

An Option that is $5-$30

Holiday Hot Cocoa

These cute Holiday Hot Coca pantry cans from Thrive Life are the perfect food storage gift. They are sealed in pantry cans with a long shelf life so ideal for long term storage. But they never last that long around our house 🙂 You can buy a ten pack and give as neighbor gifts, or just buy a single can for someone if you are doing a full 12 days for them. (Order before December 15th for guaranteed shipping before Christmas)

Big Baskets of Goodies (that would store well)

Take a look at our list of common comfort foods and pick some to compile in a gift basket with the Day 10 Tags attached. Trust us- these are things people want in times of stress!

A More Expensive Option

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

One of the best ways we have found to make your comfort foods last longer is to utilize a vacuum sealer or oxygen absorbers. We love the jar attachment on FoodSaver Vacuum Sealers. You simply pour your candies, crackers, treats, etc. into a mason jar and seal the jar up with your Foodsaver. This extends the shelf life up to 5 years or so and keeps your treats nice and fresh for an emergency. Don’t forget your Day 10 Tags if you grab one of these!

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  • Susan B.

    I love what you are doing! 12 days of Food Storage Christmas was a great idea. Right now I’m working on my families comfort foods. You two probably already know this but I would still like to share it. I am stocking up on , candy bars, chocolate chips, raisins, cake mix, brownie mix, nuts, granola bars etc…….and storing them away for up to 5 years. Of course I will rotate through them. But, the idea of storing them for 5 years is exciting to me. I have a Food Saver with the jar sealer attachments. Use Kerr mason jars. Any food that is a powder you keep in the bag. Open the edge of the bag then fold it over. Put it in the jar. Place the jar sealer attachment over the lid and turn on the food saver. It sucks out ALL the air. For candy bars you poke a whole in the wrapper and place in the jar. Chocolate chips, just pour them into the jar. There are testimonies of the food staying freash for years. Oh cookies and crackers work, too. I have always wanted to store comfort foods but their shelf life is not very long. Now I know I can.

    • This is awesome. I am getting a foodsaver for my birthday and will DEFINITELY be getting the jar sealer attachment. Do you have to use a new lid or do used lids work ok to seal it?

      • Susan B.

        I learned all this from Wendy Dewitt. She has been teaching food storage for over 20 years. She has a seminar on You Tube. There are 9 different clips adding up to about an hour. One of her clips teaches about comfort foods. She says it’s her way of adding love to her storage. I believe it is video #8. I just found this a few weeks ago. Saturday I was at Seagull Book and saw an updated version of her seminar. She made it this year so there are many new things to her seminar. I’m not trying to sell her products. I just love what she teaches. In all honesty I have 4 favorite food storage websites. Wendy, 2 others and Food Storage Made Easy. I am so grateful for all the time you all put into teaching others how to prepare. Ok……On to the lids question. Wendy has said that if you use older lids make sure that they are not dented in any way. If you buy new lids you can use them over and over again as long as you don’t dent them while opening them. Example…….You want to make chocolate chip cookies. Open the jar and take out what you need. Reseal it with the same lid and it’s as if you never opened the jar. Thanks for everything the two of you do. I have learned a great deal from your site that I pass on to others.

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