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Once you have complete the first 11 days for a friend, or family member, it’s time for them to keep the journey going themselves. To help them do that, we have our BabyStep Checklists:

Options that are Free or Under $1

Free Email Checklists

Have the person you are giving to sign up for our free email checklists. You could even sign up for them with their email address and print out the first checklist for their gift. The checklists last for one year and are sent every 2 weeks. After following the 26 checklists they will have a full food storage for one person.

An Option that is $5-$30

Food Storage Made Easy 3 Part eBook Program

Compiled into a 3 part ebook program is all of our 26 checklists, a complete food storage encyclopedia, a large recipe appendix and much more. It’s nearly 200 pages and is a great gift to help someone really get going. You can either email them the eBook with a cute message, or have us send it to them to look more official 🙂

A More Expensive Option

Assemble Food Storage Made Easy Binder Ebook for them

An even greater gift would be the eBook assembled into a Food Storage Made Easy Binder. You buy the eBook, print it out, and assemble it into a binder with the Day 12 Tags attached. Instructions on how to do so are included with the eBook.

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