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It seems like organization and rotation seems to be at the top of many people’s lists of things they want to work on with their food storage this year. On our BabyStep One page we have a diagram and instructions for how to make your own can rotating rack.
While the do-it-yourself solution has worked great for some people, there are others (*ahem* Julie *ahem*) who don’t have the patience (or willing husbands) to make the shelves on their own.


One of our readers referred us to a new product called the CanOrganizer which is basically an easy and cheap way to make these shelves on your own. We immediately contacted the company and got some of their products to try. We were so impressed with them that we decided to become affiliates and offer them on our website for those of you who like to do things the EASY way.


To learn more about these awesome shelf units click here. They have great prices, especially if you order in bulk and they ship all over the United States.


We know you will love these shelves as much as we do. The CanOrganizers are going to be playing a large role in our Food Storage Makeover project so stay tuned for more excitement and pictures of the shelves in action!

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