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As you may have seen on our Facebook fan page, strawberries have been on sale for crazy low prices lately, resulting in a lot of us making up some delicious strawberry jam. A few of our readers mentioned being nervous to try making it so I decided to post a step by step guide here so you can see how easy it really is. Some people make strawberry freezer jam but my favorite is the regular cooked jam so that is what I’m posting here!

How to make strawberry jam!

jam1Gather everything you need to get started, including some helpers. jam2Chop off the tops of the berries and any gross parts (2 quarts = 1 batch).
jam3Chop up the berries. Oh how I love my imitation slap chop. Although it IS falling apart so I might have to splurge for a REAL one soon! jam4Pour the beautiful chopped berries into a large pot and start cooking (if you like chunkier jam you can mash the berries with a potato masher first).
jam5Pour in 1/4 c. lemon juice (some recipes don’t call for this). jam6Add the pectin.
jam7Add 1/2 tsp. of butter to reduce the foaming. jam8If you like smooth jam like my family, puree it with a Bamix at this step (I love my Bamix too!)
jam9While you wait for the strawberries to come to a boil, measure out 7 cups of sugar into a bowl. (Yes SEVEN!) jam10Now take a well-deserved quick break and enjoy an ice cold diet coke. This step is mandatory at my house.
jam11Dump the whole bowl of sugar in at once. Bring back to a boil and stir for 1 minute while it boils. jam12Meanwhile, sterilize your jar lids on the stove and try to ignore the fact that my burner looks freakishly purple.
jam13Remove the pot from the stove and pour the delicious jam into sterilized jars. One batch makes about 4 small jars. jam14Add the lids and rings and wait for them to pop to know they are sealed. Isn’t this just a beautiful site?

While I didn’t include this part, you should make sure to water bath can your finished jars according to the directions on your pectin package or in your canning guide. This will make sure your jam is properly preserved for long term storage.

Happy jam-making!

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