The 7 Day Challenge: DAY 5 (SATURDAY)

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Welcome to the 7 Day Challenge. For 7 days, we are testing our Emergency Preparedness and Food Storage Plans. Each day will bring a NEW mock emergency, or situation that will test at least one of the reasons “WHY” we strive to be prepared! REMEMBER: No going to a store, or spending any money for the entire 7 days! And please feel free to adapt the scenarios to fit your own family and situation.

Your area just got struck with severe weather conditions. Depending on where you live this could be a blizzard, tornado, hurricane, etc. The power lines are out and there is a problem with the natural gas supply. Luckily, you still have running water though. Keep you and your family warm, fed, and entertained at home today because you are NOT going out in these conditions. Your fridge food has been ruined due to the power outage, but your freezer foods are still ok.

Today’s Tasks:

  • Prepare all of your meals INDOORS without using electricity (read your owner’s manuals on your appliances, you’d be surprised that a lot of them are not suitable for indoor usage)
  • Determine how to keep your family warm or cool depending on the season
  • Entertain yourself (and kids if applicable) without using any electronics
  • Due to some marital strife we caused last year, you may watch one football game of your choice without penalty today (tell your family that because you let them watch the game, they have to play along for the rest of the day)
  • Write down a list of common weather conditions or “disasters” that are likely to occur in your area. Brainstorm with your family (if applicable) ideas for how to be better prepared for each type.

Today’s Limitations:

  • For this day, and ALL days of the challenge: no spending money, no going to stores, and no restaurants.
  • Do not leave your house.
  • Do not use electricity (you may use the computer ONLY to report on the challenge, if your cell phone and/or laptop are charged you can still use them until they run out of battery).
  • Do not use food from your fridge (freezer is ok).
  • Do not use anything requiring natural gas (water heater, gas stove, furnace).

Advanced Tasks:

  • One of your family members is sick with the flu. Provide medicine and comfort.
  • Your meals must be hot. And no MREs (freeze-dried meals ready to eat).
  • Skip the football game 😉

How long would you have lasted under these conditions?


Make sure your fill out today’s Report Card to see how well you did, to keep track of areas you can improve, to remember things you need to do, and things you need to buy. Use the data to make a game plan to take you to the next level of preparedness, whatever that may be.

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