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As we read through all of the blog comments, emails, facebook discussions, etc. we came across several main themes over and over again that people are struggling with. And many of them are things that are issues we are working on ourselves. We are going to be spending the next few weeks covering each of these topics more in depth and hopefully they will be a help to you too.

1. Water storage / purification / conservation: Most people are prepared for a water shortage lasting even up to 2 weeks. However, it’s a lot different to have drinking water for 2 weeks versus LIVING water for two weeks. It’s also a big concern as to what to do if there is an even longer water shortage. There were a lot of great tips about how to stretch out your water supply that we can’t wait to share.

2. Powerless cooking: This is a huge one for us. We will be sharing details on what each of us used for cooking during the challenge, however we also need to research more options for cooking INSIDE.

3. EMP or Electromagnetic Pulse Attack: While some people don’t feel this is a legitimate threat, others consider it to be very possible. It is very hard to find credible information online about what ACTUALLY will happen during EMPs of differing levels of severity. We are going to be gathering more information and also want to do a group read and discussion of the book One Second After so we can look at possible scenarios in an interesting manner. Grab a copy from the library or order one today and we will have more details about the group read coming up soon.

4. Financial reserve: We all know we should have a little money tucked away in our disaster kits, but it was a bit interesting to note how many people actually struggled with this task. We’ll be sharing some tips and a little more detail on exactly what is recommend for this.

5. Alternate heating and cooling for your home: By always doing the challenge in September we miss out on really getting to emphasize the importance of having solutions for heating and cooling your home. It’s an overwhelming concept that is definitely “beyond the babysteps” but we think it is very important to start thinking about, learning about, and discussing.

6. Shelf stable recipes: While we still strongly believe that food storage is highly likely to be used in an economic crisis where you would still have access to electricity, we also now are ready to start thinking about what to do in an extended emergency where power is NOT available (EMP, fuel shortage, etc.). We are going to be exploring the world of “shelf-stable only” cooking and we will need your help! More to come.

If any of these things sounds like concepts you are wanting to work more on, follow along with us over the next few weeks/months as we will definitely be busy researching and sharing on the blog.

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