Christmas Recap and 2011 Food Storage Goals

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When you happen to be the bloggers at Food Storage Made Easy…. You HAPPEN to get and give Preparedness and Food Storage gifts for Christmas. It’s awesome.

Jodi and Julie gave Grandma Lori a pressure cooker to help ease her into the world of cooking beans and other awesome things. We’ll be keeping you posted on this as we continue the Extreme Food Storage Makeover.

Jodi gave Julie gardening supplies, and printed out the Gardening for Beginners ebook in a cute green binder to help Julie finally start a garden this year.

Grandma Lori gave Julie a car kit, since Julie’s family got a second car this winter.

Jodi got various gifts from Grandma Lori, Julie, and her sweet hubby. Among her favorites was the Norpro Bread Pans she got from Julie (wink wink) that all our Facebook fans raved about when we asked which pans they like best for bread. The huge measuring cups will be helpful in the bread-making too!

Her hubby got her the books she was wishing for (The Dehydrator Bible and Cooking with Sunshine) to use with her dehydrator and sun oven. Grandma Lori got her a pasta attachment for her KitchenAid too. Lots of fun projects ahead this year!

These gifts were all very thoughtful and we’re so excited to get using them…. Which is an appropriate transition to lead us into our Food Storage Goals for 2011.

Each year we come up with some goals of things we want to learn about, or try with Food Storage and Preparedness. It helps guide our research and keeps us motivated to keep learning.

1. GROW a garden. My yard is tiny. It has very little sunlight. I don’t know if it will work. BUT I WILL TRY!
2. Get more fuel and resources for powerless cooking. I did a good job last year of learning about different options. Now it’s time to put that learning into an action plan.
3. Can SOMETHING. Jodi will be thrilled to see this one. I always let her be the expert canner, but if I’m going to garden, I hope I yield a crop that I need to can. It’s a skill that is good to know regardless of how often you use it, just in case…

1. Go back through all of the checklists item by item and catch up on anything I missed or need to replenish
2. Learn to make homemade pasta (I’m way behind Julie on this one)
3. Get new food storage shelves and completely reorganize my storage room

BONUS GOAL: Check back later this week to find out about a joint goal that we have that you can help us achieve and also enjoy the benefit of the results. We are soooo excited about this one but we can’t say anything more for now!

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