Getting Started with Dehydrating Foods

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I accidentally bought myself one of these for an early Christmas present:

Then the other day I bought a bunch of these:

Which I cut up and put onto these:

Then I placed them all into this:

And after a LONG wait, and the help of my food saver jar attachment,
ended up with these:


Now I’m way excited to try dehydrating more things. I wanted some ideas on what would be yummy so I asked on our facebook page and got a GREAT response. Here are just a few samples, click here to see all of them!

If you are not following our facebook page yet, you definitely want to consider it. We have great conversations, idea sharing, and support going on every day. It is a great way for us to get to know all of you better and for everyone to learn from each other and have fun!

What are YOUR favorite foods to dehydrate? Let us know in the comments or add to the facebook discussion above!

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