My Grandma Shirley’s Food Storage is AWESOME!

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Let me introduce you to my amazing Grandma Shirley:

My grandparents, hubby and I, and our two littles (before my newest one came along)

She is the mother of five, grandmother of 20, great grandmother of 15 and a half … and a famous gun-shooting, knife-collecting, life-long prepper. Some of my most distinct memories as a kid were having Grandma teach us how to shoot and sneaking down to her food storage room to look for candy. Even though it was always a bit stale, there was sure to be some there.

As I grew older, I knew that my Grandma was well-prepared and I would secretly tell myself that I could just go to her house in an emergency, because I didn’t think I could ever get myself as well-stocked as she was. Well I’m finally on my way thanks to taking things in BabySteps, and now I appreciate Grandma’s efforts even more! I wanted to share a glimpse of her storage area with you all so you can see things from the perspective of someone who has been doing this for a LONG time. Hope you enjoy this virtual tour!

What’s behind this door?

Grandma’s storage room!

Some water storage

Bulk shampoo, soap, laundry soap, etc.

Water + large buckets for washing

More water, Grandma knows what’s important!

Lots of fuel

Kerosene cook-stove

Luggable loo, never been used, phewph!

Water filtration kit

Warm blankets in case of lost heat

Manual wheat grinder (can attach to a bike chain somehow)

Lots o’ paper goods

Bags and buckets of long term storage

More paper goods, someone doesn’t want to be washing dishes 😉

Various pantry foods

A portable butane cooker, fuel is stored in those little cans

Wheat stored in these garbage cans

Fruit jars-notice the earthquake slats across the front

Buckets of long term foods, and a bag of noodles on top

Even MORE water (don’t get those green ones, they LEAK!)

Supply of seeds stored, along with gardening guide (she’s prepared even though she doesn’t garden right now)

Files of important info. (home childbirth, spice inventory, soup mix recipes. What info might YOU need?)

Games for the littles, this is cute because her only littles are great grandkids now

Lanterns on their nightstand (love my Aunts 80’s hair in her photo)

Trout from 1992 … yummy

Home-canned chicken from 1991 … I would guess this is not safe to eat 😉

Home bottled cherries from 1998 … who wants to taste test these?

Pro Vita Mix container

Pro Vita Mix seeds for sprouting

Big buckets of my favorite Cox Honey

Lots of extra winter coats

Gelatin from 1990

Oldest items on the top shelf. Dehydrated carrots from 1989 (This was the oldest thing I found)

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