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Welcome back to our Food Storage Suprise Party!
Today we are talking about the GIFT part of the party!
Did you get the invite? Go here if you didn’t.

We are so excited to be hosting a Shelf Reliance Online Party to help families in need get a Food Storage Extreme Makeover and help EVERYONE get great discounted prices on Shelf Reliance products. (Read yesterday’s post to find out how it all works).

Today we wanted to highlight some of the unique Shelf Reliance shelves and show you examples of the GREAT DISCOUNTS you can get by shopping through our store ( Remember 10% of your purchase will go towards the Food Storage Makeovers!

Free Standing Food Rotation Systems

These systems come in all shapes and sizes so you can match whatever space you have. The most popular is the Harvest series with 36″ wide shelves that come in varying heights. Here are some examples of the savings you can get through our store (

The Harvest 72″
Retail Price: $459.99
Our Store Price: $270.00
The Pantry 27″
Retail Price: $209.99
Our Store Price: $139.22

Make sure to click “Add to Cart” to see the full discounted rate

Cansolidator Series

If you already have shelves or a good pantry, the Cansolidator Series offers a really slick solution for keeping your cans organized for easy rotation. There are three different sizes for whatever space you have available. Here is an example of the savings through our store (

Cansolidator Pantry
Retail Price: $44.99
Our Store Price: $21.49

Make sure to click “Add to Cart” to see the full discounted rate

If you are looking for a deluxe shelving system to store all your awesome food storage, you just can’t beat Shelf Reliance for quality, durability, and design. They are a great product, and we are so excited to help you get discounted prices AND have 10% of your purchase go to helping families in need get their own Extreme Food Storage Makeover!

  • Jennifer

    I ordered a 72″ customized Harvest system through your store a couple weeks ago. The discount was great, Thanks for making that available.

  • Bellamotives

    Got on the store site, discounts aren’t listed properly I guess. Would love to have had the Harvester at that discount!

    • Julie

      You need to hit add to cart to see those prices.

    • You get the discount after you click add to cart. It doesn’t show up until
      then for some of them.

  • Puleeeze

    OMGsh, yet another surprise? YAWN!

    Where’s the “real” posts (excluding creepy contests)?

    • We put countless hours into this blog. Were you around last week for all 4
      “real” blog posts we did. We don’t appreciate your comment. This isn’t a
      creepy contest. This is a way for us to help some families in need. We
      provide our readers with quality content, week in and week out. We’re happy
      to take a week to dedicate to this service project. Judging by the number
      of our readers who have nominated families in need, you seem to be alone in
      thinking this is a creepy contest. You’re welcome to unsubscribe, or not
      visit our blog if you don’t like the content.

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