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Welcome back to our Food Storage Suprise Party!
Today we are continuing to talk about the GIFT part of the party!
Did you get the invite? Go here if you didn’t.

We are so excited to be hosting a Shelf Reliance Online Party to help families in need get a Food Storage Extreme Makeover and help EVERYONE get great discounted prices on Shelf Reliance products. (Read Monday’s post to find out how it all works).

Today we wanted to introduce you to Shelf Reliance’s Thrive Food line and show you examples of the GREAT DISCOUNTS you can get by shopping through our store ( Remember 10% of your purchase will go towards the Food Storage Makeovers!

About Thrive Foods

The THRIVE food line consists of the same foods you would purchase at the market—fruits, veggies, meats, beans, grains, dairy, and the basics—they are great for food storage, and daily use.

One of our favorite Thrive foods is their freeze dried strawberries. It provides us with a great way to store some fruit. They are good right out of the can, or in cereals, muffins, oatmeal, smoothies and more! Check out the discounts you get by going through our store:

#10 Can
Retail Price: $26.69
Our Store Price: $24.89

Case (6 Cans)
Retail Price: $140.16
Our Store Price: $138.69

Learn About Thrive “Q”

Through our store, you can sign up to be on the THRIVE™ Q. Here are just a few highlights on the program. For full information visit our store to see if this program is right for you.

  • Build a customized food storage plan divided into monthly shipments.
  • Your budget can be altered to accommodate circumstances, skip shipments in months money is tight.
  • The Q is designed to work automatically; monthly orders will be generated from your list by our program.
  • Of course, you always have the option to edit your plan or add new items as you see fit.
  • Feel confident you are always getting the lost prices on Thrive foods when you’re signed up for the Q.

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