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Welcome back to our Food Storage Suprise Party!
Today we are continuing to talk about the GIFT part of the party!
Did you get the invite? Go here if you didn’t.

We are so excited to be hosting a Shelf Reliance Online Party to help families in need get a Food Storage Extreme Makeover and help EVERYONE get great discounted prices on Shelf Reliance products. (Read Monday’s post to find out how it all works).

Today we wanted to introduce you to Shelf Reliance’s Emergency Supplies available to you through our store ( Remember 10% of your purchase will go towards the Food Storage Makeovers!

About Shelf Reliance Emergency Supplies

Shelf Reliance offers a variety of emergency supplies, and also a custom kit planner. You can use the planner to create your own disaster kit based on your own families needs, preferences and location.

Use the planner to make your own custom kit, or buy some products that your own kit may be missing through our store:

Alright, hopefully you have found something at Shelf Reliance you may be in need of to help with the 2nd Edition Extreme Makeover. If you’re still interested in helping, but don’t have any need for Shelf Reliance products, remember you can donate, or send us an email ( with a tip on how to build a food storage on a budget:)

100 % of the donated money will be used to purchase items for the families that Shelf Reliance doesn’t offer.

See you Monday for Surprise #3 – the reverse giveaway, where everyone gets something, and everyone can give it away to their friends too!

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