Welcome back to our Suprise Party!
This is the third and last surprise of our PARTY!
Today we are ending the party with PARTY FAVORS!

Remember back in January when we asked for your help to get 100 shelf stable recipes for our Shelf Stable Saturday project? Well…we reached our goal. Actually we doubled our goal! Initially we had planned to combine all the recipes in a document, and add it as another bonus to our eBook Binder, in addition to giving the document to anyone who submitted a recipe as a way of saying THANK YOU. We figured our readers would still have access to them each Saturday as we post them weekly.In the spirit of giving, and in order to end the April Surprise party with a party favor for EVERYONE, we’re making the document available to all of you! We wanted to do a giveaway where EVERYONE gets something. In fact, we’re calling this the REVERSE giveaway, where not only do you get something, but we encourage you to turn around and give it to all your friends.

HOT OFF THE PRESS (like burning hot – we just finished this bad boy)… We present to you…. THE SHELF STABLE RECIPE BOOK. As we mentioned the recipe book is from reader submitted recipes. We have some of the best readers out there! You should know- you’re one of them! The recipe book has the following categories:


(Please note: We made the recipes 4 to a page in order to save paper for you if you print it out.  In case you find the font to be too small by doing this, we also made a FULL PAGE VERSION. It’s 172 pages but you can print it front and back or just use it on the computer. Enjoy!)

In case you’re just joining the party now and missed the first 2 surprises, make sure you check them out. We still NEED YOUR HELP with Surprise #2, so please check that out. We had so much fun with this party, and now we’re both off to take a nap!

  • scribe

    Is there a way to get this in print? Most cookbooks aren’t dealing with powdered eggs, buttermilk or “stables from the shelf.” Even though they are written for SHTF, they make the assumption that all will be able to get fresh eggs, milk, cream, butter etc. It would be so nice to find a cookbook with “powdered” staples in mind.

    • We don’t have it in print form, I just printed it at home in black and white. Sorry!

  • Geneva

    This recipe book is great, I’m curious though; are all the recipes supposed to serve the same number of people, and if so, what number is that? Thanks!

    • They are just random. All of them were submitted by different readers so there is no uniformity to them. Sorry!

  • Dallas6212

    I have tried to download the Shelf Stable book and it says it is corrupt. How can a get the copy. Could it be emailed to me by any chance?

  • Mrspicklehonker

    Thanks so much for emailing me the shelf stable cookbook. I was able to download it and it is wonderful!  Thanks so much for putting it together.

  • Mrspicklehonker

    I’ve been trying for a couple of days to pull up the pdf file for the shelf stable cookbook.  Is there a secret I don’t know to get this cookbook?  Can it be sent to my email.  I would love to have it .  Thank you for any help you can give me.

  • Beckyac100

    First I want to thank you for this great addition to the e-binder!    Now to my problem,  This doesn’t print in color, so I’m missing some important stuff here!  What to do?

    • Do you mean you don’t have a color printer? Or the actual colors don’t print? Could you try setting it to just print in black and white and have that work?

  • Anonymous

    Are there recipes with the TVP stuff?

  • osgood

    Um, when I click the download button, all I see is a blank page.  Any hints?

    • When I click it it takes a little while to download and then it opens
      up in that page. If you can’t get it to work feel free to email us
      and we can email you a copy. Sorry for the trouble!

  • osgood

    Um, when I click on the download button, all I get is a blank page.  Any hints?

  • Familytea

    Just had to take a moment and THANK YOU! for all of these wonderful tips and helps. Your binder has been worth every penny, and I have totally changed the way I cook. I was only looking to store up for emergencies, which led to purchasing whole grain (the longest storage life), which led to a grinder, which led to the amazing discovery that FRESH ground wheat is DELICIOUS! I donated all of my store-bought wheat and all-purpose flour, and now serve only fresh-ground hard white wheat in all of my recipes calling for flour, and my family LOVES it! Who’da thunk?! Even my hubby, who hates that “healthy, wheaty” flavor has been won over, because we discovered that the bad taste is not because it’s whole wheat, but rather because it’s rancid when it’s brought home from the store (as pre-ground flour). I could go on, but will instead extend my sincerest appreciation for this new-found joy in cooking healthier and tastier for my family! Blessings!

    • We love to hear stories like this. It is so true! You think you are
      storing for an emergency but then as you start trying to practice and learn
      to use these foods they really do just become a part of your daily eating.

  • Texassews

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful recipes. These recipes will help grow our food storage and our family will benefit from the generosity of so many. Hugs!

  • FamilyTea

    This is sooo great! I’ve compiled a list of things I want for food storage, and it totals $15,000! Looks like I’ll have to do a little more prioritizing before moving forward, but I appreciate all the help you’ve been in helping me plan for our family’s needs.

  • Chumleygm

    Thanks so much – this has been such a fun “party”. Geri in Bellingham, WA

  • Lisa

    I’m unable to get the link for the Recipe Book to work. The links for the PDFs worked fine. Is there another link for this? Thank you!

  • Guest

    Thanks, ladies! What a nice way to share by giving it away as a free download! Much appreciated. 🙂 I will have a lot of fun looking through the recipes and checking my pantry for the ingredients.

  • Susie

    I am having trouble getting the PDF to load is anyone else having issues? I was able to get the lessons without difficulties so I’m fairly certain it isn’t my connection/computer. Thanks!

    • I’ll email you a copy of the file. hopefully that will work!

    • Bubbleentity

      I also had trouble getting the PDF to download/load up in the in-browser mode, but it is possible to force a download, and it will load from that.
      There might be an issue with ow the PDF is parsing, as it didn’t want to let me save it as a pdf, despite it.. actually saving as a PDF. perhaps a missing MIME type block? I am not certain what would cause the symptom I saw.

      So just rightclick> save as , don’t worry when it trys to save as a null filetype, and then try and open from the filesystem ( where you saved it to). Good luck

    • Uscdamom

      Perhaps your Adobe is not up to date.

  • AlansGurl


  • Thank you. I hope I have time to look through this soon.

  • Susan Baird

    I LOVE this book! You two are great! Thank you so much for everything you do. I will Definately be printing many of them to give as gifts. I hope you can understand the excitement in my words. I am thrilled. Thanks to EVERYONE who submitted recipes.

  • Pilarandmike

    Lol, recipe #1 was sent in by me not Helen Fagerburg… don’t worry though, I don’t mind.

    • Oops, just a copy paste mistake. I’ll get it fixed and reupload it. I’m
      guessing we’ll get a few of those coming in 😉 I tried hard to remember to
      change it on each one! lol.

      • Pilarandmike

        Perfectly understandable…. at least you didn’t misspell one of the words on the graphics for the media screen at church like I did once… during a revival! lol Lots of guests (from multiple states) were witness to my awesomeness 🙂

        • It’s fixed in the download now, if you want to download a new copy so you
          can see your name in lights 🙂

          • Pilarandmike

            Thanks 🙂

          • Pilarandmike

            Thanks 🙂

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