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We introduced our 2nd Extreme Food Storage Makeover during our month of surprises in April. For the last 3 weeks, we have been hosting an online party through our Shelf Reliance store: JodiandJulie.ShelfReliance.com/home. Not only did our readers get GREAT DISCOUNTS by purchasing through our store, but each order earned 10% of free food we will be donating to certain families in need. (see the post to see how this worked).

We were touched at the number of orders of all sizes YOU, OUR READERS made to help the families. With the amount of free food the online party earned we are going to be able to help 4 families, rather significantly. Thank you. We will introduce each of the families over the next couple of months along with their stories and how we will be helping them. Today we are only giving you a sneak peek at the families, as we’ll want to devote individualized posts to their stories and their makeovers. The four families consist of:

Since we earned more free food through this party than we had planned on, we were able to help some of the other families who were nominated. Remember, by shopping at our store JodiandJulie.ShelfReliance.com/home, you can get these products with some great discounts.

For a few families who have had life circumstances make it a little more difficult to stay on top of their food storage we are sending the Top Seller 6 Pack. This package is great for a family just starting, or to add to any food storage. It’s a good mix of ingredients and contains some of the staples that are harder to buy in a tight budget. Some of the families that will be receiving this package have had job loss, have fought cancer, care for foster children, and have had long hospital stays. The Top Seller 6-Pack includes: 1 Whole Wheat Flour, 1 Quick Oats, 1 Hard White Winter Wheat, 1 Strawberries – FD, 1 Instant Milk, 1 Whole Egg Powder.
$99.99 is regular price for this product
$81.69 is the discounted price at JodiandJulie.ShelfReliance.com/home

To a family who lost their home in a tornado that has to eat mostly canned foods due to very limited fridge and freezer space, we are sending a mixture of fruits and vegetables. Since these are dehydrated and freeze dried they can help with the immediate need of keeping and eating produce. We are also sending some fruits and vegetables to a newly wed couple who a toddler (from a previous marriage) and recently lost their job and family pet. They have some basic storage, but adding this to their storage will help ease their burdens.Mixed Veggie 6-Pack: 1 Carrot Dices, 1 Cauliflower, 1 Sweet Corn, 1 Chopped Onions, 1 Potato Chunks, 1 Green Beans.
$99.99 is regular price for this product
$86.99 is the discounted price at JodiandJulie.ShelfReliance.com/home
Other packages will include: Dehydrated Fruit 6-Pack, Berry 6-Pack, Green Veggie 6-Pack and more fruits and vegetables.

Our hearts went out to a single mom who works very hard washing dishes to support her 2 boys. She believes very much in food storage and buys extra cans here and there when she can. We felt that providing this family with 6 #10 cans of entrees would be a great help in their food storage. Should they need to depend on it, having options that don’t require too much time to prepare would be perfect. We can only imagine how hectic and busy her life is. The Entree 6 Pack includes: 1 Vegetable Risotto, 1 Cheesy Potatoes with Chives, 1 Beefy Chili with Beans, 1 Rice with Sweet Pepper Beef Steak, 1 Creamy Tomato Pasta with Chicken, 1 Curry Rice with Chicken.
$219.99 is regular price for this product
$191.99 is the discounted price at JodiandJulie.ShelfReliance.com/home

To a family who has had their house crushed due to a tornado we are sending some MRE’s. MRE’s can be stored in small spaces and can be transported very easily. Until this family gets into a new home, we hope this adds a small feeling a security in case they need to rely on it during another crisis. 12 complete MRE Meals provide the highest quality and great tasting Main Dishes. Heavy duty Mil-spec packaging. Variety of 4 main dish flavors, 3 of each per case. Easy to prepare and a shelf life of 5 years. Each meal contains: Main Dish Entree, Side Dish, Snack, Dessert.
$109.99 is regular price for this product
$99.99 is the discounted price at JodiandJulie.ShelfReliance.com/home

We’d like to send a little ray of sunshine to a family who has a sick baby, and another family who suffered a house fire. It’s hard to go through trials, and we hope these families know there are people out there who care that made it possible to send a little something. These families will receive a food storage gift baskets. Different gift basket options include: Cheesy Potatoes Gift Basket, Raspberry Cake Bars Gift Basket, Taco Soup Gift Basket, Blueberry Pancake Gift Basket with the ingredients, a bowl, recipe and mixing utensils.

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