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I recently took a trip with my family to Disneyland after a lot of planning, saving, and working. We had so much fun. Was it relaxing? Not even close- we were too busy having fun. Big thanks to Jodi for manning the blog and email while I was gone. I have to confess a little something though- I was so busy with the April surprises, and other things that I really didn’t plan our food options very well. I had such good intentions, but the day before we left Jodi and I were teaching food storage classes at an expo, and the day I came home we were doing our powerless cooking class so I was a little distracted!

While we were there I had a lot of time to think about ways I could have saved money on food, and used my food storage to cut back on some of the food costs. It reminded me of a post Shandra over at Deals to Meals did, and I wish I would have taken advantage of beforehand. The post was all about saving money on foods on trips. See it here. I at least brought some freeze dried fruit for my kids to snack on instead of filling them up on sugar and fruit snacks- that’s good for something right?

With a lot of people traveling this weekend for Memorial day I thought this reminder would be fitting. Go take a look at your food storage. Do you have any items you need to rotate? Are you going to be camping? A lot of our readers eat up their 72 hour kits when they go camping. This takes out the hassle of packing food, it helps you learn how living off your 72 hour kits really would be.

What are some ways you save money on trips – and use your food storage?

  • Eating good and saving money on food while traveling does take some planning!  I recently finished meal plans lists, recipes, for camping, picnics and travel tips for eating good on the go.  I turned it into a ebook.  So others could benefit.  Check it out Julie you may find it helpful!  It’s helping people save time and money and still eat healthy while traveling. 

  • Splendid2bme

    When we recently moved I put some time into bagging up some pantry only meals (ones that my family had not tried yet) to use once we were knee high in boxes and needing a meal to fix easily.  I love the two books, “It’s in the Bag” and “100 Day Pantry”, which were the sources for the recipes I used.  I’m sure these “bagged meals” would work wonderful on a vacation too — and many of them can be used easily with a crock pot which easily transports.  The best thing about my experiment was that I got some new recipes under my belt that now I can add to my family’s favorites list.

  • Redjadearoma

    When camping(and this could be done in a microwave in a motel room)I rehydrated dried apples and pears in hot water. When they were soft, I melted butter, stirred in a little flour and cooked it, added the fruit and the juice from rehydrating and cooked until the consistency I wanted. I served the cooked fruit and sauce atop cinnamon & brown sugar Pop-Tarts. It was a dessert fit for a king.  We would have liked some ice cream or whipped cream, but were camping without coolers.  It really satisfied the senses much better than plain fruit or plain Pop-Tarts would have.

    This was served after a meal of tortellini and packet chicken in chicken broth to which I had added powdered mushroom soup from the Amish bulk store and a little wine in it to dress it up.  Good tip you gave us there on the tortellini.

  • ~S~

    This post would be a great segway (sp?) into cooking with coffee pots and irons for people staying in hotels.

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