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September is National Preparedness Month and we hope everyone is planning to participate in our annual 7 Day Challenge (unless you are already going through a real natural disaster in your area).

Something fun we decided to do this year is feature a new emergency preparedness product on our site EACH DAY of the month. This will hopefully give you some ideas on new things to add in to your 72 hour kits, or things to help with powerless cooking. Food storage is just one small aspect of being prepared so we are excited to highlight some other items too!

What to Expect

Each day we will be updating the graphic on our main homepage to feature a new “Product of the Day”. You can click the banner to go straight to a page with more information about that product. If you miss a day, you can always click the link at the bottom of the banner that lists out each of the day’s featured products. You may have noticed this already happening each day, we will continue it throughout the rest of the month!

More About the Products

You will notice that many of the products featured come from Emergency Essentials. In general they have very reasonable pricing and offer the best selection of emergency preparedness products. A few of the products come from other companies that we have chosen to become dealers for because we could get even lower prices for our readers.

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