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So a few months ago, I helped my Grandma move into her new house. My Grandma lived in the same house for almost 80 years. I’m not kidding almost 80 YEARS. She lived in the same house as a little girl, then lived in it as a married woman. As we were unpacking the truck, you can imagine how giddy I got when we got to the part of the truck that had her Food Storage. I couldn’t believe it, the stuff I was looking at was so vintage… I’m guessing the food was over 30 years old, which is another discussion in and of itself, but don’t judge my Grandma, I love her anyways!

I thought you all would get a kick out of the brochure I found in one of the boxes. It appears as though she bought from a company that sold through consultants at parties. I thought that concept was new, but I guess it’s been around a lot longer than I thought. Open the pdf and scroll down and check out how much a 1 year supply of food is. Too bad prices aren’t that awesome anymore. Anyways, the bulk of this post, is in this historical document – so check it out. It’s a fun read for any food storage junkies!

If you’re feeling sad about how much food you could get for so little back then, don’t be too sad. Next week watch your email (if you’re not on our checklists, or newsletter list, make sure you are) for a list of ALL THE BLACK FRIDAY sales we will be having. We will also be pointing to other companies that are having them too. Christmas is approaching, and Food Storage items are a great gift. I think I’ll be getting my Grandma some “NEWER” food.

  • MG Cassell

    Under the heading of weird – I’ve seen that brochure before, as in, in person. And I was born and bred in the northeast and am not LDS! Why in the world would I know that brochure!? What I find ponder-worthy is that the brochure sounds like what people worry about today. regarding the extra 1/2% that population growth would exceed food production – improvements in actual food production were not even considered. Makes me think it’s prudent to have food storage and even more prudent to actually eat it! God Bless your Grandmom! She sounds like a lovely lady. You’re lucky to still have her!

  • Karen Buttle

    Really fascinating!  Thanks for sharing it with us.  I’m thinking it looks kind of 70s to me.  Maybe 80s – but early.  And I bet it’s all still edible if still sealed! 

  • M_rnelson

    This is so very interesting! Is there a year on the Noah’s Ark Food supply brochure?

    • Brandy

      I was wondering the same thing!

    • Cperigon

      it has a zip code on the address.  Zip codes were implemented l962 or l963.

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