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In case you’ve been wondering why the two of us fell off the face of the planet for the last 3 weeks, we will fill you in!

Usually when we take on big projects, vacations, and even having babies, we make sure to time it with each other. There’s always at least one of us who tries to stay relatively available. Well we mistakenly decided to take on the holidays, while one of us MOVED, and the other FINISHED A BASEMENT. Bad, bad idea folks! It left us merely capable of handling urgent emails and slightly comatose the rest of the time. Well, Jodi is mostly settled into her new basement (although her food storage is still inaccessible), and Julie has running water, gas, and internet at the new house, so we’re ready to get back in the saddle. We’ve missed you on facebook, and on the blog.

With it still being early January, we wanted to share with you our Food Storage Goals for 2012!

  • Put my food storage room back together after the move. I have my rotating racks set up, but the rest of the food is in open boxes. I moved across the street so I was spoiled in that, I didn’t have to “carefully” pack it. More on moving food storage later this month!
  • Now that I have moved into a different house, and I “practiced” a garden at my mom’s house last year. I’m going to try my OWN garden, in my OWN yard!
  • Make my own granola on a regular basis. I’m good at having my family eat oatmeal often, but I want to try and make a good multi-grain, sprouted granola to add variety in nutrients to breakfast time.
  • After living without gas in our new house for a couple days in the middle of winter (long story), I want to learn more about ways to STAY warm without power

  • Get a better system for my UPSTAIRS pantry situation. I have a great food storage, but I get a little tired of running downstairs for ingredients almost every single night. This has been extremely annoying the last few weeks as most of my food storage has been completely inaccessible. I would like to have a decent amount of things upstairs and have a good system for moving things up from the basement in batches every now and then.
  • I want to learn dutch oven cooking this summer. Last summer I had fun trying regular recipes in my Sun Oven, but that was pretty easy to do. I feel like dutch oven cooking will require getting some new recipes to try and learning to cook in ways I’m not used to. I think it will be fun!
  • I definitely want to get more into dehydrating this year. I like freeze-dried foods but it can save tons of money to dehydrate your own plus you can have a lot more options with the different foods you are dehydrating. It’s also great for preserving extra garden harvest.
  • My final goal is to start sale shopping/couponing again. Having three kids and another on the way, I haven’t done great at stocking up when things are cheapest over the past little while. It takes conscious effort and some planning to do this. I’m always buying extras of things when I run out, and my long term storage is well stocked and rotated into my regular foods, but I think I can get my 3 month supply a little more robust and do it cheaper if I am couponing. This may have to wait til things settle down after baby #4, but it is a goal for me this year!

What are YOUR food storage goals for 2011?

Stay tuned for more in depth posts about Jodi’s new refinished food storage room, and Julie’s adventures in moving a food storage!

  • Mynina9

    Dutch oven cooking !!!  Great I just got a dutch oven  and need to learn too. Love to cook and bake and… and… and. LOL You ladies are great .

  • Sarah Rachelle

    Welcome back! My goals are: learn to use our new Volcano stove (our son keeps begging us to get it out.), start your food storage baby steps since I already have your binder, get our financial binder updated, learn to use dehydrated food and use my dehydrator!

  • Nancy

    Sorry, I meant my comment to Jodi!

  • Nancy

    Julie, I go “grocery shopping” in my basement
    once a week.  I bring up the food that I plan
    on using in my meal plans for that week and put it in my kitchen pantry.

    • I think that is definitely something I will start doing! Thanks 🙂

  • Neila

    this year, couponing and getting better deals on our foods is on my list of things to do better.  I found a book at Walmart for $3 called “Supershop Like the Coupon Queen:   How to Save 50% or More Every Time You Shop” by Susan Samtur.  Great book and it had a lot of tips in it.

    • That sounds like a great book, I totally just found it at my library, I’m gonna check it ou!

  • Welcome Back!  The Holidays are bad enough!  Can’t believe you added moving and (or) finishing a basement into that! Wow.  @ Julie: BIG goal for me this year is starting a square foot garden.  I’ve done traditional gardening with my parents (as a child), but never on my own.  SO EXCITED to have one in MY backyard! @ Jodi: I love dutch oven cooking: I don’t think it will be as tough as you might think!

    I’m also hoping to stash away some significant savings, learn to use a sun oven (will likely be referencing your site for that), and getting close to a 1 year supply of my freeze dried foods.  Should be a great year if I actually do it all!

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