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Since we LOVE Food Storage, and LOVE Pinterest (see post here), each day until February 14th, we’ll be showing you some of our favorite Pinterest boards and neat things we have found and have pinned there! It’s so great to see and share what others have done.

Today we are highlighting the Make Your Own board. There are so many household cleaners, body cleaners, and food mixes you can make your own, rather than buying them pre-made. Not only are making them yourselves cheaper, but you can make a variety of things with basic ingredients, allowing you to store less. Pinterest is a gold mind for finding make-your own recipes. We haven’t tried many of them yet, but look forward to trying them out!

  • PIN 1: Who remembers to, or WANTS to store drain cleaner. This looks awesome, and who doesn’t have these ingredients?
  • PIN 2: A whole list of household cleaners you can make your self from ingredients you have on hand.
  • PIN 3: Homemade ranch, onion soup mix, and taco seasoning. Talk about saving you in a pinch when you run out of something!
  • PIN 4: Baby wipes? That’s the last thing you want to run out of in case of emergency. Must try this!

Make sure you check out the rest of the items on the Make Your Own board. We’ll keep adding to these boards as we find great stuff, and we’ll see you tomorrow to highlight another one of our boards!

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  • Rzookeeper

    I’ve been using the  homemade laundry soap for a couple of months now. Clean cloths, no perfumes, and you use way less than than you would of store bought laundry soap. Now to try the toothpaste. I’m thinking of using clean suringes, no needle, the type you can find at feed stores, for the tube. They can be washed and used over and over…for those who do not like sharing and who don’t want to use a plastic baggy.

  • Great finds!

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