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I’ve been meaning to do a follow up post to a post I did about using Deals to Meals to save on my groceries. Something that takes me 3 minutes to do, without clipping a single coupon, or browsing store ads, and SAVES ME tons of money is definitely worth sharing. When the topic of “grocery savings” or “couponing” comes up, the main concern we hear is that you can’t buy healthy food with coupons or by using money saving websites. Well sorry – but that’s WRONG! I use deals to meals, mainly for my produce and save a ton by price matching. I love it. Today I was without my kids at the grocery store (yes – I know some of you just did a big jealous gasp) and since I was all alone, I was able to take notes of regular prices vs the sale prices I was getting so I could show you a little chart of what I saved.

If you have a large food storage, and eat out of it regularly, most trips to the grocery store consist of buying mainly perishables. I use and rotate my food storage, and for the most part only buy produce at the grocery store. This week, I did what I usually do, I logged onto Deals to Meals to pick out what produce was on sale at stores around the state, and made my list. This video below shows you how I did it. The site has change SLIGHTLY since I made this video, but the steps are still the same, AND they are in more than 12 states, so check it OUT!

In case you don’t like watching videos, or your computer is slow, here’s the summary of how I use Deals to Meals:

  • I sign in and pick my state
  • I choose the best deals from all 12 grocery stores in Utah
  • The items are added into a grocery list
  • I print the grocery list and bring that one paper to Walmart
  • I price match and get the best prices from all 12 stores at one store
  • I pat myself on the back because I save a lot of money with virtually no work!
  • I even sent my husband with the list once… and it WORKED?!?!?

*Check your Walmart for their policies – but it’s worked for me at 3 different Walmarts.
If your store wants the actual ads, use Deals to Meals to do your homework, then just shove all the ads in your purse.

Like I mention on the video, there are a ton more services that Deals to Meals offers, like making meal plans based on sale items, and letting you know which food storage foods are on sale that week to make stocking up even easier.

You can try a FREE 2 week trial and see if it works for you. The savings with only using it 1 time a month are WAY more than worth the $4.95 a month fee. They are also working on becoming National... We’ll keep you posted!

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