4th of July JELLO and Freeze-Dried Fruit Sale

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If you are having an Independence Day celebration where you are supposed to bring a food dish, I highly recommend the Patriotic Jello I posted about last year. I don’t get to make it this year so I’m hoping some of our readers will make it and let me know how it turned out so that I can pretend I got to enjoy it myself.

For a full step-by-step tutorial on how to make this (including how to do it with Freeze-Dried fruits) visit this post. I seriously love that even if I were living completely off of food storage I could have a fun, festive dessert like this!

Freeze-Dried Fruit and Veggie Sale

Some of you may remember that Lindon Farms had an A-MAZING sale on their freeze-dried fruit and veggie buckets over Memorial Day Weekend. We found out that since the sale was so popular, they are running it again for Forth of July. So if you missed out last time, make sure to get in on it now! You can get both blueberries AND strawberries in the fruit bucket, hint hint.

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