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My church does an annual Dutch Oven Cooking night where the men get to cook us dinner and we get to learn all their secrets 😉 If you don’t have a church group that does this sort of thing, you may be surprised at where you can find something similar. Several years ago we attended a Dutch Oven Cooking demonstration at my local Rec Center that was really informative (and yummy!)

This year we were told we would be learning how to deep fry a turkey and I was very curious wondering how that would be possible in a Dutch Oven. Well, turns out it wasn’t done on a Dutch Oven but in a propane turkey fryer (so it’s still great for outdoor powerless cooking)

How to Deep Fry a Turkey

Step 1: Get your turkey completely thawed out and as dry as possible. Cut off excess skin around the neck and rump.
Step 2: Fill the fryer pot about 3/4 full of frying oil and heat up to 350 degrees.
Step 3: Place the turkey on a frying rack, turn off the heat, and lower it slowly into the pot.
Step 4: Turn the heat back on and cook for about 3 minutes per pound of turkey.
Step 5: Remove from oil and let stand for a few minutes before carving.


This turkey was moist, delicious, and cooked SO FAST! I was thoroughly impressed. Some of the other yummy foods we had were actually cooked in Dutch Ovens like cheesy potatoes, hot fudge lava cake, and apple cobbler. The ladies didn’t get off totally easy, we brought a huge assortment of salads and sides to go along with all the Dutch Oven foods. I made a food storage potato salad that I’ll share the recipe for later this week so make sure to check back!

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