The 7 Day Challenge: DAY 3 (FRIDAY)

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Welcome to the 7 Day Challenge. For 7 days, we are testing our Emergency Preparedness and Food Storage Plans. Each day will bring a NEW mock emergency, or situation that will test at least one of the reasons “WHY” we strive to be prepared! REMEMBER: No going to a store, or spending any money for the entire 7 days! And please feel free to adapt the scenarios to fit your own family and situation.

Health care costs in your country have gone through the roof. Battles are waging between government, doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies. All doctors have gone on strike leaving a gaping hole in available medical care in your community. Today will focus on what you will need to do to prepare your family for all kinds of medical emergencies, including getting yourselves healthier to avoid dependence on medications (if at all possible) and/or medical interventions.
Goal: Get your family’s medical history & supplies in order and get healthy!

Today’s Tasks:

  • Prepare a family medical plan to include in your Emergency Binder (see this sample medical plan a reader sent to us, you can be this thorough or just jot down some simple info for your family)
  • Do an inventory of your home medical supplies. Add items to your daily report card that you need to purchase (there is an awesome comprehensive list of suggestions found on this post Modern Survival Blog)
  • Print out instructions for basic first aid procedures (there are some helpful guides found at this link)
  • Review our notes from the CPR/First Aid class we attended at our church, then look up when there is a formal class in your area and SIGN UP for it
  • Research any specific medicines you are taking, find out how you can stock pile some, make a plan for how to keep them refrigerated if necessary, etc. (Also consider if making lifestyle changes could help reduce your dependency on them)
  • Since living a healthy lifestyle is so important for disease prevention, cook healthy meals AND do a physical activity as a family (if applicable) today
  • SHARING TIME: Please go to our Facebook page or blog comments and share any experiences you’ve had with providing home medical care and what items were helpful for you. This will help us all make our plans of what we need to add to our supplies.

Today’s Limitations:

  • For this day, and ALL days of the challenge: no spending money, no going to stores, and no restaurants.
  • No eating fattening foods, sugary treats, or drinking soda or alcohol today. (Yes we’re taking away all our vices)

Advanced Tasks:

  • Purchase additional manuals on first aid and emergency medicine
  • Learn more about holistic approaches to medicine including essential oils (check out this post as a starting point)
  • Practice treating a pretend injury using supplies from your house


Make sure your fill out today’s Report Card to see how well you did, to keep track of areas you can improve, to remember things you need to do, and things you need to buy. Use the data to make a game plan to take you to the next level of preparedness, whatever that may be.

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