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Welcome to the 7 Day Challenge. For 7 days, we are testing our Emergency Preparedness and Food Storage Plans. Each day will bring a NEW mock emergency, or situation that will test at least one of the reasons “WHY” we strive to be prepared! REMEMBER: No going to a store, or spending any money for the entire 7 days! And please feel free to adapt the scenarios to fit your own family and situation.

One of your elderly parents (or grandparents, or dear friend, or child) is having severe health problems and can no longer afford home health care. You were asked to come and live with them for 2 months to help out with their day to day living and have to leave TOMORROW. Today you must help your family prepare for you to have an extended “leave of absence”. If you are single focus on getting your own affairs settled.
Goal: Teach your family knowledge and skills that depend on you

Today’s Tasks:

  • Teach the other members of your household how to do any tasks that normally fall to you (i.e. laundry, cooking basics, mowing the lawn, car maintenance, etc.)
  • Make sure to pass any financial information on to your spouse, significant other, or another family member. (Use this questionnaire we made last year as a starting point of the type of info you should pass on)
  • If you’re the one in charge of managing the family schedule and routines, write it all out and make assignments or arrangements for how the family could make it without you
  • If you live alone, make a plan for who would look after your house/affairs if you had to leave suddently
  • Make a list of all your logins for important websites that family members may need to access. Either print it and put it somewhere secure or save it in a secure manner on your computer
  • SHARING TIME: What is the ONE task that would be hardest for someone else to take over if you were gone for two months? Share in the blog comments or over on our Facebook page.

Today’s Limitations:

  • For this day, and ALL days of the challenge: no spending money, no going to stores, and no restaurants.
  • No other limitations today.

Advanced Tasks:

  • After teaching your family how to do your “jobs” actually leave for the day and make them DO THEM.
  • If you’re single or don’t have a large household, pass along the information to a friend or family for taking care of your house and affairs FOR REAL. Not just a plan for “in case”.


Make sure your fill out today’s Report Card to see how well you did, to keep track of areas you can improve, to remember things you need to do, and things you need to buy. Use the data to make a game plan to take you to the next level of preparedness, whatever that may be.

  • bill

    How exactly is this “Helping those in need”?

    • If you read the description of the day, it says:

      One of your elderly parents (or grandparents, or dear friend, or child) is having severe health problems and can no longer afford home health care. You were asked to come and live with them for 2 months to help out with their day to day living and have to leave TOMORROW.

      I think that’s definitely helping someone in need 🙂

  • NeomaDenise

    It’s just dh, me and my 23 yo dd here – everyone is pretty much self – sufficient at managing by themselves. Bills are always paid as a joint effort, etc. so there’s no surprises there.

  • Because we have livestock whenever we need to go out of town for more than a day we leave a binder with information on everyone. Who gets fed what, when and how and who to call in an emergency. The binder includes photos of each animal and anything abnormal or unusual about them that might freak someone out. We also contact our vet(s) and let them know that if there is an emergency whoever is watching the farm has permission to call the vet or take them in. My husband and I share duties at home so either one of us could step in if the other had to leave for an extended period, this includes paying bills. The only thing he needs instructions on is picking up messages off our phone, but as he told me, if he really wanted to remember he would, it’s just more convenient for me to do it. Our oldest daughter is very reliable and we have left her ranch sitting on a couple of occasions. As my mother is in her 70’s and both she and her husband have health issues this could be a real situation and everyone knows I’d leave immediately if need be. I feel confident that I could pick up and go without having to worry about things getting done while I was gone.

  • Becca H.

    My biggest challenge would be the family’s education: we homeschool, so we’d have to to quickly enroll them into the local public school system, which my girls would handle, but still would be quite the culture shock. (Homework?) Next toughest would be schedule managing and transportation (since my hubby is at work all day).

  • Wow, this is a tough one. My husband can keep the very basics going (dogs, feed himself…maybe) but is completely helpless around the finances, computer, pretty much everything else. I’m doing all the emergency prep as well. So this is something to really ponder and decide whether I’m better off putting something together for him or for someone outside to come in and take over. I’m leaning toward the latter. I will work on this today!

  • I had cancer the 1st time almost 4 years ago and again this year. That forced me to think of today’s scenario sort of already. We have 4 kids who are now 16, 14, 12 and 9 and I have always been a stay at home mom. I started last year making them do their own laundry. This is one task that in our household of 6 builds up more than anything. I should add that I’ve always included them in the kitchen (I love to cook and bake) so they are good at getting themselves fed if necessary. Bills are mostly self paid online. Transportation is the biggest challenge in this exercise.

  • Agrien

    Since I’ve left home, my kids have had to do a lot that I used to do. We didn’t realize just how much. Though we talked about this trip for quite a while, I still left rather suddenly. And still left a lot un-done. Best to be prepared. lol They were kind of annoyed, but were able to get most everything taken care of.

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