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A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to meet the two ladies behind the blog at Our Best Bites. We attended their book signing and we thoroughly enjoyed it. There were like 10 samples of recipes out of their new book… and they were all delicious. Julie was especially excited to see their no-bake peanut butter bars. She loves anything no-bake! In case you missed our book review of their new cook book last month make sure to check it out.

We also did a post about how we use our favorite recipes to incorporate FOOD STORAGE into our everyday meals. Since these ladies cook up some of our favorite recipes, we used all their recipes for that post. You need to check it out!

We’ve had their new cookbook for a few weeks and have cooked up lots of the recipes in them. Here are a few of our favorites so far:
This was a yummy tostada with instructions on how to make the tortillas all cute. The dressing recipe was AMAZING. We love that they include from scratch dressing recipes all the time. These were what we served at Julie’s sister’s baby shower. They made her look cool.

This was their lemon chicken orzo soup. Julie was thrilled when she found whole wheat orzo pasta at the store and could make this super healthy recipe. The recipe called for chard, but she didn’t have any, and the grocery store didn’t have any, so she threw in some freeze dried spinach and it totally worked. There we go again – adding in food storage… haha.

Anyways, where were we? Since their cookbook is awesome, they are awesome, and our readers are awesome, we’re giving away a copy of their new book “Savoring the Seasons With Our Best Bites” !

We were trying to come up with some fantastic and creative way to enter, but we’re fresh out of ideas- so here it goes

  • Posting a link to this post on your Facebook wall
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  • Email at least 3 friends about this giveaway

After you have done at least one of these things, leave a comment on this post so we can enter you to win. We will pick the winner Friday October 19. So get your entries in soon!

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    I pinned this page. So great to have a good cookbook around the house. I love your website by the way. I’ve used your “cardboard can rotating shelf” in at least 3 Relief Society activity’s and there are now hundreds of them floating around the world thanks to you guys.

  • Ive seen this book and wanted to buy it, just haven’t had the extra funds to do so. This would be so awesome to have and i would definately make some yummy treats to give away to friends this holiday season from this book! Thanks for having this.

    • Oh, and i also facebooked and pinned it.
      I shared this site with the girls at church for a preparedness night. Im so excited about it!! Thanks

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    Oh my goodness.. I love OBB old cookbook & getting your emails too! Thanks for the opportunity to share your ideas w/my friends(I love the 72-hour kit in a milk jug) & for the chance to win their NEW cookbook too! I”ve already emailed 3 friends. 🙂 Blessings!

  • Just emailed three of my neighbors who are great cooks. They may already have this newest cookbook.

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  • I first tried an “Our Best Bites” recipe I found in an LDS Living Magazine. It was for baked Chicken Taquitos. I loved the recipe so much I put it in my daughters’ (I have 4 girls), cookbook I assembled for them and I shared it with all of the ladies I exercise with. I saw the book at Costco last night and was thinking, “I’d sure love to have that book for myself!”

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