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When the earthquake/tsunami hit Japan back in early 2011 it shocked everyone into realizing the importance of being prepared. Food storage and related preparedness items were in high demand and experienced huge backorders. This was very frustrating for people at a time when they were feeling anxious about getting ready for future disasters.

Hurricane Sandy in combination with droughts and higher food prices this year could cause a similar situation to arise in the near future. We are already seeing price increases among some suppliers and a few products on backorder. We wanted to let you know about a few upcoming price increases as well as some holiday promotions that would be ideal to take advantage of now before supplies become limited. We’ll add to this list as we hear about any other things on the horizon.


Wise Food Storage
Across the board price increases coming November 1st.

Over the past 12 -18 months, Wise Company has absorbed significant price increases from our food suppliers without passing along any of the increased costs to our customers. As widely reported, drought conditions throughout the US, increased fuel prices and government regulation have all combined to increase the costs of critical raw materials such as corn, wheat, dairy and beef. We hoped the upward food price trends would reverse itself but, unfortunately, it has not. Although we have never instituted a price increase in our history, these unprecedented conditions have made it necessary to make certain modifications to our pricing program. We are committed to instituting these changes in a thoughtful, measured and careful manner.

Click here to buy now. Prices will be adjusted the night of October 31st.

Emergency Essentials
Final Days of the Anniversary Sale! Sale prices end October 31st.

Premium 1600 One Year Supply
– On sale this month for $1,749.99 (individually: $2,245.75)
6-Month Lunch & Dinner Supply
– On sale this month for $1,199.99 (individually: $1,578.99)
Goal Zero Lighthouse LED Lantern AND Nomad 7 Combo
– On sale this month for $84.99 (MSRP $155.00)
Kaito® Voyager™ Pro
– On sale this month for $65.99 (MSRP $99.95)

Click here to view all sale items. Prices valid through October 31st.


FREE GIFT with all wheat grinder purchases

– All Wonder Junior Deluxe orders will include a FREE drill bit attachment. This attachment makes it easy to “power” up your Wonder Junior and grind your grains/legumes more quickly. (Retail value $29.95)
– All WonderMill Electric models will ship with a FREE Chef Brad Comfort Foods Cookbook. (Retail value $14.95)

Click here to buy now and get your free gifts!

Global Sun Oven
Preparedness, Dehydrating & Turkey Roasting Package – $40!

This package includes:
– Hanging Turkey Roasting Rack
– Sun Dry Dehydrating Racks (With one roll of parchment paper)
– Two Easy Stack Pots w/interchangeable enamel and glass lids
– Multi-Fuel Water Pasteurizing Indicator (WAPI)
– Two Loaf Pans
– A totally new computer CD with over 600 SUN OVEN recipes, cooking tips, FAQs, operating instructions and a video series on how the SUN OVEN works and emergency preparedness tips.
(Entire package just $40 with purchase of Global Sun Oven)

Click here to buy now with discounted accessories!


Berkey Water Purifiers
Big Berkey and Crown Berkey’s OUT OF STOCK

The Crown Berkey and Big Berkey models are unavailable until further notice. However, Berkey is offering a Royal Berkey upgrade at a discounted price if you were really hoping to purchase a Big Berkey. You can get the Royal Berkey for just $270.50 instead of the regular price of $283.00.

Click here to buy your discounted Royal Berkey!

Humless Solar Generators
Collapsible Panels ON BACKORDER

The Humless Sentinel can be purchased with a solar panel kit. The popular collapsible panels are currently on backorder and will be shipped separately at a later time. If you order the non-collapsible panels they will ship with your generator.

Click here to buy your Sentinel at the lowest price available online!

Shelf Reliance
Ultimate Veggie Pack SOLD OUT. 6 Month Supply still available.

– The 30-can veggie package is no longer available at the sale price (due to the demand they ended the sale two weeks early). You can still get it for $378 but it will most likely be backordered.
– The 1 person, 6 month fuel, food, and water supply kit is still available through November 11th or while supplies last. It is regularly $1199.99 on sale for $930.99.

Click here for details on the packages and to place an order

  • Sam Sam

    Have you heard anything about Sun Ovens having about a 2 to 3 week back order as of 9/2015?

    • We were told it’s about a 7 business day delay in getting orders out.

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