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Well we hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend! We had some great family time, and Jodi and I even took a couple hours on Friday to go shopping together for house decorations and we didn’t even talk about Food Storage (ok we did). Jodi found a cute Christmas rug for her new house, and I found a cute picture frame that I’ll be using as an inspiration piece to decorate my kitchen. Yes it’s been a year since I moved and I haven’t faced decorating yet!

Alright, so what would Thanksgiving be without Food Storage? I bet you always think that. Here’s how we roll at Thanskgiving.

The Original Thanksgiving Great Cake Debate

A couple of years ago we tried fooling Jodi’s family (dad) with the Great Cake Debate. Jodi made one of their family favorite pumpkin cake recipes with whole wheat flour instead of white. The results were fantastic and the cake delicious. You can see the full post here.

Jodi’s Thanksgiving Double Layer Pumpkin Pie

This year Jodi celebrated with her in-laws and didn’t have a chance to make one of her other favorite recipes, but made sure to make it a few days later. You probably saw the picture and recipe over here on our Facebook page here.

The Great Bean Casserole Debate

This year Julie decided to try something sneaky with the green bean casserole. She broke every rule in the book on this recipe. Her original plan was the follow the recipe, but then just couldn’t help herself. Come back later this week for the full recipe, and a few tips on what NOT to do when trying to fool someone.

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