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2012 brought a lot of changes to my family … at the beginning of the year we welcomed Baby #4 into our family … and at the end of the year we moved into a new home. Both things brought us a lot of joy and happiness, and also a lot of stress and chaos. I’m excited for a fresh start in 2013 and have lots of plans for things I want to accomplish.

Aside from the typical resolutions (lose the rest of my baby weight now that she is turning ONE, get myself organized and on a housecleaning schedule, etc.) I also have a few specific food storage goals that are important to me.


In my old house we used a coat closet in the hall as a pantry, and eventually added a cupboard unit into the kitchen that I packed with food as well. I have a huge pantry in my new house and I am so excited to use it, organize it, and pack it to the gills. The problem is I’ve been having “pantry paralysis” because I want to make it just perfect. Half my food is in boxes on the floor, the other half is just shoved in haphazardly, and a ton of what I want to keep in there is still in my basement or I need to re-stock up on. It’s a PROBLEM!

Next Steps:
I’m going to start by putting all my cans into my Shelf Reliance shelves (love these for rotation!). Then put everything else on the kitchen counter and use some of the tips from our Facebook friends to figure out how to put it all back in in a way that makes sense. Wish me luck! I’m hoping to have this done and restocked by the end of January (I depleted quite a bit in anticipation of moving).



I am GREAT at being able to turn almost any recipe into a “food storage recipe”. However, a lot of my regular meals don’t include many of the long term food storage foods. I love using my food storage for the cost savings and health benefits and of course for ROTATION, so I want to make it a big goal this year to be better at that. I’m starting with an “easy” goal of one new recipe a week that focuses on grains or legumes. I’ll definitely be sharing the results of this goal!

Next Steps:
I have a TON of food storage books that I’ve been collecting. I’m going to pull them out and start putting sticky notes on recipes I want to try, then as I do my weekly meal planning session I can easily find one or two and incorporate into my plan. Since they are food storage recipes I “SHOULD” have all the ingredients on hand so no additional groceries necessary 🙂


Since you follow our blog, you probably know that I wouldn’t move into a house that didn’t have a great food storage room 😉 Problem is there is a lot of work to be done with this room. They left a bunch of wood in there that needs to be ripped out, then I have to get all my shelving put in, decide how to organize my water storage, put the food on the shelves, and RESTOCK since I had been eating all my food and not buying anything new for about 6 months. I’m overwhelmed! Again, I want this to be amazing and useful and efficient, so I have a hard time starting on it until I know I can do it right. Our family has grown since I last did a big inventory so I think I have a lot to add to my long term storage. Babysteps right???

Next Steps:
Once my upstairs pantry is finished, I’ll get my sweet husband to help me with the “mechanical” parts of the food storage room. It is a cold storage so it needs a door put on it to keep the cold in and the heat out. Once I get my shelving systems in I can make a plan for where I want what items. Then I’ll get everything onto shelves so I can do my inventory. Then I’ll stock up as my budget and time allow. I’m hoping to get pretty squared away by springtime.



One of the main reasons we moved is because we wanted to have a bigger yard. We experimented with having backyard chickens and have done some square foot gardening as well. I just LOVE being able to grow and preserve my own foods and this year my goal is to expand on those skills and do it on a larger scale. I am excited to make plans while the weather is still chilly and implement them in the spring. One new thing we are going to try is growing our own meat chickens, oh and we’re finally going to get fruit trees, hurray! Wish me luck!

Next Steps:
We need to make a layout of our new backyard and where we are planning to put everything. We are also setting aside money each month to help pay for some of the initial costs. I’m starting to research the fruit tree varieties in my area to decide what we want to get. My husband and I are fighting about whether to do traditional garden beds or multiple raised beds again. This is a HUGE project so I may not have everything set for this year, but I know for sure I will get my fruit trees and bushes in.

Stay tuned later this week for Julie’s food storage resolutions, and feel free to come share some of YOURS over on our Facebook page. We’ve had lots of great comments already!

  • Leslie Lundgren

    I was wondering have you considered doing out of state presentations? I am on RS Activities Committee in our ward and would like to add some experienced food storage presentations to our calendar, if you could please email me of travel expense etc. I would appreicate any information that you have to offer.
    Leslie Lundgren
    Yuma Ward, Yuma Arizona

    • Leslie, we would love to be able to do this but we both of young children at home and husbands with crazy work schedules so at this time we are barely able to do any local events let alone travel. If we do that in the future we will make sure to let you know!

  • linda

    I am sorry but I take comfort that the “expert” is also overwhelmed with setting up their storage. I have a sense of urgency getting stocked up so I am afraid my storage sometimes looks pretty messy.
    Like “Shover” I would say this is not the time to have your stores depleted.
    Congratulations on your baby’s 1 yr.

  • shover

    Thanks for sharing your time with us and sharing your goals and aspirations. Please restock your pantry ASAP. Now is not the time in life or the economy to have your food stocks depleted. As for chickens I have two hens that I am raising for eggs. They are dependable , no problems, give us a dozen eggs a week, and provide a natural fertilizer for our yard and garden. They are a joy to watch and bring many joys to our lives. If you would like more information from the beginning of my chicken adventures and how they play into my food storage program please let me know.

  • Tai

    Thank you for all your hard work, this site is just a blessing, I have researched so many sites and this is one of my fav’s. I can find almost all my questions answered here. Our Ward is lacking in Welfare information, it like everything els is more important so I have spent the past few weeks reading and purchasing ebooks. I will certainly recommend and share your link on my fb page. Happy New Year Tai Makai Brisbane Australia

  • Carole

    Good for you. I too am trying to get a handle on the food storage. We have hot summers, so trying to keep certain things such as canned meats in the house. I start out fine, but once again it needs a great deal of help.

  • Misty

    I want to do all the exact same things, only I”m not quite as far along as you….since we haven’t moved into our house yet.

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