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In case you hadn’t heard, Utah has been dealing with some serious inversion lately. Our skies have been full of yucky, polluted air, and we hadn’t seen the sun in a LONG time. Well yesterday there was a snow storm that cleared out the yuck, and this morning we woke up to BLUE skies! Seeing the sun was really great today. So, we thought… Why not celebrate the sun, with a SUN OVEN GIVEAWAY!

Last week we posted a question on our Facebook page: If we were to do a giveaway, what would you want us to give away? TONS of people listed a Sun Oven as one of their top choices so this is perfect! So to enter this giveaway, all you need to do is share your 2013 Food Storage goals.

How To Enter the Giveaway

  • Click on the image below to be taken to this picture on our Facebook page.
  • Leave a Facebook comment telling us your 2013 Food Storage goals
  • Enter by 11:59 pm MST Sunday, February 3rd (winner announced Monday)

We have found that if you SHARE your goals and WRITE THEM DOWN you are much more likely to accomplish them. So come on over and share your goals with us all!

p.s. If you don’t participate on Facebook, you may still enter the giveaway by listing your goals in the blog comments below.

  • VaLynn

    Great idea to write down the goals!

    1st – I want a pandemic kit. My 88 year old mother in law lives with us. One night she became ill. All night long I was helping her and worried about her becoming dehydrated, or wondering what I could do to help her. As I was running back and forth to the bathroom, changing sheets, and just holding her I realized that if I needed to I could call an ambulance and take her to a hospital. Then I wondered what I would do if I was in a similar situation and didn’t have that option. After the whole ordeal I sat down and wrote a list of all the things I used and all the things I wished I would have had. I want to get those things gathered in one place so I can be more prepared for that.

    2nd – I need more room in my food storage room. I need to find other places for all the water and anything that isn’t food. I’ve started (and need to finish) putting little 1 x 4 shelves in between my 2 x 4 studs in the walls. These make great tiny shelves for quart jars, vitamins, and miscellaneous items like pumpkin, mustard and marshmallow creme. It’s amazing how moving things on to those shelves clears up a lot more space in the room.

    3rd – Finish my 72 hour kit. I worked on getting my 72 hour kit done late last year. I picked it up to put on my back and could hardly stagger around. It was too heavy! I was so discouraged I just left it and haven’t been back. So I’ve read up on it and have decided I packed way too many extras and too heavy on the food. I need to trim it down and make it usable.

    Thanks for all you do!!

  • TammyV

    My goals for 2013:

    1. Organize my pantries. I have lots of food stored, but need a better method for rotation. I am considering a can rotation system, as my my pantry shelves are very deep, and it makes it quite a chore to rotate.

    2. Make a master spread sheet of my what food I have; especially the long term storage. Also, to be sure I have all the ingredients available for my meals including spices, and condiments.

    3. Make a 1 or 2 week menu plan (3 meals and snacks) that uses only foods available from my pantry. Also, I want to be sure my family of 6 will eat the meals, so I want to start making the unfamiliar recipes on a once a week “cook from the pantry night”.
    4. Teach my girls to bake! I want to have a once a week baking lesson for my girls, that includes grinding the stored wheat.
    5. I need to make my 72 hours kits for all the family members. As it is, I only have 2 large packs and they are much too heavy. I also need to have more baby supplies on hand.
    6. Lastly, I need to spend more time in the garden this year, and really pay attention to its needs. I get it planted, but rarely do any succession planting. And the aphids really get out of control making the cabbage unfit to eat. I also, need to make a new compost bin, as we now have chickens and need more space for all that wonderful manure.
    Thanks for all the great ideas on this site.

  • Jacinda

    My 2013 Goals for Food Storage is to start canning more, so that I have more of a well-rounded pantry. I would also like to go to the store less, and eat off of what we have on hand. Thanks for doing this giveaway!!

  • Tiffany R

    Luckily I’ve got a great jump start of the “basics” of our food storage along with our 3 month supply & savings. I need to get more focused on what I’m actually going to do with these items when push comes to shove so here are my 2013 Food Storage/Emergency Prep Goals:

    *2 weeks supply of Water for my family of 6 (working up to one month supply)
    *Update our 72 hour kits (replace some of the “cheaper” items with better quality ones)
    *Plan out my garden a little better & actually weed it this year 🙂

    *Can more fruits and veggies we will actually eat
    *Create & fill out a food storage inventory spreadsheet (with the type & size of item, it’s shelf life, manufactured date and storage location)
    *Make a master list of menus/recipes to use my food storage in case of emergency
    *Learn to make from scratch food items I take for granted (tortillas, biscuits)

  • Jenelle

    Just starting food storage so the first goal is to LEARN all I can. Then begin baby stepping myself to true food storage. We will be planting the garden this year and canning the bounty. (no more putting it off until the house us done. 🙂

  • My goals for the year include making a 14 day menu plan that includes a shopping list incorporating all these items in our food storage. One thing I have noticed is some serious gaps in our food storage for things like dairy products. I would also like to work on canning meats since I have yet to tackle that.

  • 1. Put together a family cookbook.

    2. Spend more time teaching my 6 kids useful skills (canning, breadmaking,gardening, first aid, etc) so they can feel more empowered.

    3. Work on building a small backup supply of daily meds my kids need.

    4.Build and practice with alternative cooking sources (haybox or solar oven, learn to cook with a Dutch oven, also learn to barbeque)

    5. Try pressure canning meat again (bad experience with raw chicken when I was pregnant).

    6. Try to keep food supply increasing or at least not diminishing.

    I could go on and on but one thing at a time… 🙂

  • Beth McCane

    I’ve always tried to keep a 3 month supply, but now I think I need to stretch it to 5 or 6 months. My husband is having surgery in a month & will be off work for 3. It always takes time to recover financially, too. I still need to learn how to make tortillas & noodles. Since it’s hard to guess how long a certain thing will last here, I decided that I would start putting a date on each food or supply when I open it. Then I can record how long it lasts. That will make things easier for me. I intend to grow more in my gardens this year & to preserve more. And of course, trusting the good Lord to supply our needs.

  • Michele Dewsnup

    PS my husband was very kind to try and make me a solar oven but ……… do I need to say more????

  • Michele Dewsnup

    I have been blessed to have a love for food storage from my mother. I love it, but like everyone else, I have taken it one step at a time. My goals this year are to organize my 3 month supply and get it running properly (rotation) thanks to you with your fun excel program, thank you. To do better in the gardening department and add other items to my family preparedness. I have recently studied about solar ovens, different ideas of storing water, sprouts, kefir etc. These are the areas I would also like to improve and experience this year. Expanding my knowledge of family preparedness. I am the RS President in my ward and we are going to focus this whole year on “Family Preparedness” I decided if this is our RS goal for the year then I better lead by example. Thank you for all that you do for us!!

  • Teri ChubaccaZulu

    1. Organize my freezer
    2. Use/rotate my inventory more often
    3. plant a better garden (last year suffered from poor planning)
    4. be better about how I use my pantry

  • Marci

    1. Do SOMETHING every day…even if it’s 5 minutes, toward being more prepared.
    2. Learn to store healthier foods
    3. Implement my rotation plan and calendar
    4. Encourage others to prepare

  • Nancy R.

    I am very new to food storage. I used to can when I was young only because my Grandmother said I had to learn or I would not be able to feed my family. She was always putting something in jars She is 82 now and is still canning because she might have hard times. Growing up in a urban area I was pretty sure she was crazy, I had everything I needed right here in my town. Well looks like she was right! I just started “prepping” and food storage the first week of January. I am in the process of setting realistic goals. I do have to say your site does simplify a lot of confusing issues (I have looked at bunches of other web sites and some of those people are off the deep end).
    You asked us to share our food storage goals, well until I read that this morning my goal was to get as much food as I could as fast as I could. Hmmm, I should set REALISTIC goals. Great Idea!!!

    1. Set realistic goals (simple and reachable. I have been trying to do it ALL right NOW and I am doing is spinning my wheels)

    2. Set a weekly/monthly budget on how much I can spend on storage (I have spent most of my money on shelf foods and have not bothered to purchase what we eat everyday)

    3. Only buy foods for storage that my family will eat now (all the web sites say dry beans, I dont know what to do with them but I bought them. Im thinking I better learn or I will be looking at beans on my shelf for a long time).

    4. Clean out the shove it room so I have a place to put all of my food stores (I don’t think I will have a need for all of the junk that has been in there that I haven use for 20 years any way).

    5. Re-wight the prepping by week lists that I have been printing to fit my life, space and income.

    6. Organize the foods that I have bought into a manageable and easy to maintain system for usage and rotation.

    7. Finish my 72 hour bags BEFORE I need them.

    8. Organize my camping gear that has been in the shove it room so I can have it ready to go if need be.

    9. Make this all powerful emegency binder that all have been speaking of.

    10. Don’t panic, and stay calm. (realize that any prep is better than nothing, it will take time but I can reach my goals)

    Thanks for making me take a moment to think…and look #1 DONE!

  • Erin Ethington

    My goal is to figure out what I have in my random assortment of things and figure out what it can be used for and what is missing to make it more usable. Soo, need recipes and a plan forward. Also, I need to figure out how and where to store water.

  • Kristy N.

    1. Stop stressing about what I can’t do.
    2. Focus on what I CAN do.
    3. Have 3 months storage, including household necessities, complete by Thanksgiving.

  • Deejai1922

    I’m new to food storage, so my goals right now are:
    ~ work my way through your binder, which I recently bought
    ~ figure out the best storage solutions for my family
    ~make 72 hour bags for each member of my family

  • Shelby

    I’m new to food storage, so my 2013 goals are:
    1. Begin!
    2. Have a six month supply by the end of the year.
    3. Learn to use a pressure canner.
    4. Keep up with the food storage calculator.
    Thanks for the web site and good information!

  • Kathi Brown

    I want to be better at rotating my food storage.

  • S. Nielsen

    My family has shrunk the last few years with some weddings and my job has been reduced significantly so my goals are adjusting what we need to store and being more prepared for if my husband gets downsized too or loses his job.
    1. Adjust my food storage recipes for fewer people and get some new ones.
    2. Figure out how much I need to store for less people.
    3. Learn to can meat. I have a freezer full and no generator.
    4. Put together an emergency binder. I don’t have one!!!
    5. Purchase and learn to cook with alternative sources.
    6. Put some wood pull out shelves in a deep kitchen pantry.
    7. Update our 72 hours kits. These make a great gift for married kids.
    8. Encourage my married kids to store more and be better prepared.
    We have been jobless before and food storage saved us!! I love your site. It has helped me get excited about emergency preparedness and food storage again and learn some new things. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue

    My goals are to obtain a true 3 month supply of stoarge foods for any emergency and to also obtain the means to prepare those foods. Also, I hope to learn to can meats this year.

  • Marie W

    Transfer my wheat out of the dubious metal containers (it is in plastic bags inside them) into plastic buckets, so I can lift them by myself, then put up the new pantry shelves I bought last year, so I can have enough space to fill & organize our food! And to glean and acquire, preserve and store as much free food as I can, including growing a successful garden!

  • karen payne

    1. Store a 3 month supply of foods we eat
    2. Use food storage in meals regularly. Learn new recipes!
    3. Purchase a freezer
    4. Plant things in my garden we will really eat
    5. Can veggies for winter
    6. Buy pressure canner
    7. Pressure can meats for soup meals


  • gabby

    Our goal this year is to finish our 1 year food storage. We spent the last year installing racks and purchasing our canned goods. This year we will purchase our grain mill and whole grains. I am also going to plan my garden better so we have more produce to can for use throughout the winter. I also need to develop a better system for restocking our storage as I use it.
    Thanks for your great blog – it’s really given me the tools I need to make our food storage useable for everyday life rather than something socked away just in case.

  • Aunt Amy

    #1, Completely reorganize my kitchen – including (especially) my daily pantry. I want to start by putting a lot of things in bug-proof containers – flour, sugar, cornmeal, dry pasta, etc. – I’ve fought with pantry critters for the last time! I want to add some more cardboard can rotation units too.
    #2, Organize and finish my food storage book. I need to reprint some stuff using both sides of the paper to save space in my notebook. I also need to print a lot of stuff out that I’ve not printed yet. But first, I need to finish typing in my recipes, lists, etc. and/or cut paste and format what I do have done. When I’m done, I hope to have a preparedness manual that would rival anything online or in print – except, customized to my needs. I want to complete this by the end of 2013.
    #3, Once I get MY book done, I want to finish transferring (by hand) selected recipes and old family favorites…plus basic cooking info and storage/prepper info…into a very nice leather-bound journal for my nephew – complete with color pencil drawings on pages used as section dividers. I want to give it to him for Christmas in 2013.

    #4, I have a few things left on my list to obtain – I need more freeze dried veggies, a better grain grinder, another water storage barrel, a rainwater collection system… And – of course – I’d like to have a sun oven!!! (I already have the dark-color, light-weight pots and pans to use in it, but need the oven to complete the preparations.)

    I have a lot more, but I’m only targeting these four things with the hope it doesn’t seem overwhelming. That way, maybe I’ll get them done. LOL!!

  • DSue

    I have made significant improvement this year. We made a 15 by 15 bedroom into a food storage room. (Our kids are grown.) My husband built a five shelf 4 by 8 shelving unit that is more or less in the middle and then we have gorilla shelves and a couple of shelf reliance units along the walls. We have blocked the ceiling vent and leave the small window open so that it stays cooler in there. I also have a cold storage cellar for my home canned goods. This year I want to get better organized on the shelves. Although, I’m feeling pretty good right now with the progress. We are going to try to eat mainly from storage supplies. So far, we have been building the storage and have not eaten much out of it. But, we are going to try to use a lot of the grocery money for bills and see what headway we can make on finances and building a three month money supply.

  • girldboro

    1. Try “Square Foot Gardening”
    2. Learn how to pressure can, not just water bath can. (I’m scared it’s going to explode:)
    3. Have 3 months of ready to “heat and eat” meals prepared and canned – soups, stew, chillis, etc.
    4. Be more consistent with composting
    5. Develop a more reliable water storage/collection system.

  • april

    1. Learn more about self-reliance.

    2. Actually plant a productive garden.

    3. Learn to can

    4. Expand my stash!

    5. Store more water

    6. Live my food storage

  • Katrina Carrington

    1. So thankful for finding your blog approx one year ago and have worked slowly but surely on building all the emergency/food storage/cash/wood for heat/toilet paper inventories. (prepared us for my husband losing his job two days after Christmas) I didn’t “freak out” we were going to go hungry/cold/without TP.
    2. Continue to resupply our food as we work through our job loss situation.
    3. Have desired to plant a garden, but fear of failure has kept me from it. Forging ahead and leaving the fear of failure behind. My grandparents did it and I can, too!!! Include medicinal herbs and education on these.
    4. Looking to buy a used freezer for more food storage.
    5. Organize all the recipes for the emergency food storage where they are user friendly.
    6. Continue to build up water supply.
    7. Encourage my young marrieds to build their 3 month emergency supply (they are relying on us to take care of them in emergency, but it’s time to stock up their own pantry)
    8. Research alternative cooking methods…sun oven, fire pit, etc.
    9. Update my Emergency Binder and keep it up to date with food inventory and usage.
    THANK YOU again for “preparing” me for what was to come with all the baby steps and encouragement that made it not overwhelming!

  • Jennifer Nielsen

    1. Finish off my one year supply 2. Dehydrate extra garden produce 3. Learn more about herbs with medicinal purposes for storage Not too ambitious, but with my toddler and baby I feel like these are realistic goals! 🙂

  • Diana Reaves

    1. I want to make edible meal plans for the food that I have already stored. That way I will also know if I am missing any items.

    2. Have raised vegetable and herb garden.
    3. Update 72 hour kits and health kits.
    4. Clean out blue barrels and put water in them.
    5.Learn to use a sun oven.

  • Ctdaffodil

    1. Learn to use my dehydrator
    2. Rotate my storage
    3. Cook dried beans more often
    4. Restock paper goods more frequently
    5. Make more blessing bags with my kids
    6. Move the garden to a better spot in the yard
    7. Learn to bake tasty bread my family will eat
    8. Use up my Scrapbooking ‘stockpile’
    9. Stick to menu plan
    10. Make canned bean recipie cards for town pantry

  • LauraW

    My 2013 Food Storage Goals are (in no particular order):

    1. Purchase (or hopefully win one) Manual Grain Mill. I am looking at the WonderMill Jr. Deluxe.

    2. Create Bug Out Bags for our family (8 people).

    3. Purchase the rest of the items on my list to complete my one year supply of food.

    4. Garden and plant even more this year to put by for months to come.

    5. Save garden seeds.

    6. Three months cash reserve.

    7. Purchase a Water Purifier for the home as well as some Life Straws for the bug out bags.

    8. Purchase more baby chick and at least three goats (Buck and two does) .. for milk and eggs.

    9. Have list ready of what I need to can this year, now just need the garden and maybe some farmer markets deals to accomplish that list.

    10. Hope to purchase (or win) an alternative cooking method. I so want a wood cookstove but that may never be.

  • Brittany Andrus

    1. Get a year supply of Toilet Paper 🙂
    2. Complete and maintain a 3 month supply.
    3. Finish year supply of #10 cannery basics.
    4. 3 month cash reserves.
    5. Emergency Prep our home including strapping down our water heater, gas tank, cleaning out our chimney and stocking up wood.
    It’s going to be a great year!!!

  • Kari

    I want to learn ways to make alot of the convenience foods I currently purchase so I can simplify things and stock a smaller number of items. I would also like to work on using alternate cooking sources.

  • Inventory and organize what I have so I can use oldest food first. Then find more ways to include food storage into my meal plans so I rotate more. Continue to build my 3 month and year supplies.

  • Knowing your are mothers, you amaze me how you can go through so many comments and choose a winner! Thanks for all your hard work and helping us get organized and prepared!

  • Getting Prepared

    I would like to start taking stock of what we actually are using on a daily basis so that I can accurately assess what we need for six months. Once I know our true consumption patterns, I will be able to stock up knowing that we have storage without gaps. In addition to food storage, we are starting to look at equipment that we need and a sun oven would be a great addition to our supplies. Thanks for all you do!

  • bugweena

    I am have stockpiled food for a few years but just now getting organized and making sure I have items I can use to make edible meals!

  • Nanaknows

    Make it neat and tidy and by year of expiration dates.

  • Tina of Georgia

    My goals are: Continue to keep inventory of food on hand; learn how to dehydrate food; (easy storing); get out of as much debt as I can.

  • 1. have a yard sale to clear out space for my food storage and the money

  • Mariah

    My preparedness goals for this year are:
    – learn canning and pressure cooking
    – grow a garden and plant fruit trees
    – work on other areas of preparedness (learning how to
    use my HAM radio, storing medical supplies, etc.)

  • RCM54

    We have a pretty bland supply of food that will get us by for 2 years, with a ‘full house’ of people. Our goal at this time is to increase our ‘variety factor’ by adding comfort foods, fruits, storable candies / sweets and some ‘exchange items’ for trade.

    We have seeds to use in the garden, from which we can a lot every year – but haven’t harvested enough in the past to be sustainable if problems were to occur over several year. But we are expanding the garden this year.

    Let us hope we all have time to have everything we need for ourselves and for those around us.

    Thank you.

  • Mitzi

    Organize & rotate what I have
    Research water storage and purification
    Add to water supply

  • Wendy

    Do a better job of keeping storage rotated.
    Add to water storage.
    Increase storage food for pets.
    Learn to can.

  • Kim B.

    Due to disabling health problems, I might take longer than most to accomplish things, but it’s all the sweeter to reach my goals!

    Now that I’m moved into my own home for the first time, my goals are focused on the basics. Since I haven’t the means to bug out, I need to be able to bunker down where I live.

    — I need to start a garden & orchard. I’m learning how to can everything possible, as well as other means of preserving & storing food.

    –Another big goal is organization, so I can learn how to use my storage effectively, everyday.

    –And finally, I need to address my home water storage & stockpile my medications.

    What storage I do have has already helped me! I was extremely ill for the two past months & unable to leave the house, (I live alone with 4 cats), and we all did fine living on my food storage. That has really encouraged me to continue on my preparedness journey! I’m so happy to have found the baby steps program because it keeps me from being overwhelmed & getting discouraged! Thank you for providing such a friendly, helpful service!

  • CThomas

    My food storage goals this year are
    1. Replenish wheat. (done)
    2. Make more things from scratch using my food storage that I already have.
    3. Buy a pressure canner and can more of my produce from the garden.
    4.Keep a pitcher of powdered milk in fridge to at least use in cooking, to help rotate through storage.

  • Melanie

    My food storage goals for the year are:
    1) Complete my car kit and our 72-hr kits.
    2) Give my husband the FSME emergency work kit for Valentine’s Day!
    3) Increase my water storage.
    4) Finalize my 3-month supply menu plan, and purchase AT LEAST one month’s supply according to that plan (hopefully more, as funds allow).
    5) Eat one food storage breakfast, lunch and dinner every week to learn what we like and don’t like.
    6) Make bread EVERY week!
    7) Buy a Wondermill Junior Deluxe.

    I actually have a few more goals, but these are the most important 🙂

  • Kimberly Swenson

    My 2013 food storage goals:
    Complete my one year supply
    Purchase a wonder mill wheat grinder
    Continue to make bread on a weekly basis utilizing my own ground wheat
    Maintain my year supply with a copy cat rotation system
    Find some creative ways/spaces to store the rest of my food supply (running out of room in current location)
    Join a produce food coop locally
    Increase my canning skills and dehydrating skills with my new produce I get from the food coop
    And lastly enjoy each day that is given to me with my family and friends

  • Captstern

    My goals are to have 3 months of food that my family will eat that will stay good when stored at 80+F. It is primarily for hurricane prep. I also plan to find a better way for my family to store water.

  • Darlene in North GA

    Get my storage better organized.

    Go through the boxes I have and make sure everything is ok.
    Make Excel sheets for storage – what I have and what I need.

    Buy something for storage each week.
    Get 55 gal drum cleaned out and refilled with water!

  • Laurie Brooks

    I want to inventory what we have and assess what is needed. I need to update our car kits and 72 hour kits again. I also want to read your site on a regular basis and try new recipes.

  • jean

    Learn to use my food storage more, can more, plant some fruit trees

  • Jeanette

    My goal is to increase my water supply and find alternative cooking methods. I now use propane and cook from my 3 month storage daily. Each time I take something out of storage I replace it with twice the amount. This way my storage is growing somewhat painlessly.

  • Briana

    My food storage goals are:
    1) Type up my own food storage cook book so I can rotate better and know what meals I can actually make with the food I have….I am doing 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 snacks and 28 dinners.
    2) Add more #10 size cans to my food storage.
    3) Figure out alternative sources for cooking with no electricity and practice them now…hence the importance of a sun oven!
    4) Expand my 3-4 month supply to an 8-10 month supply…or maybe more!

  • Shelly

    My goal for the new year is to grow a productive garden, finish my emergency binder, learn to sprout, and work on my long term storage, and to thank God everyday for my blessings.

  • Sylvia Cluff

    My food storage goals are:
    1. Complete cold weather car kits
    2. Waste less-dry or freeze produce before going bad
    3. Figure out at record exactly what my 3 autistic kids will actually eat for long term food storage and quit trying to store more “normal foods”
    4. Organize and find more space for storing items.
    5. Try new food storage recipe twice a month

  • Sharon Craft

    I have worked for a couple of years to gather together all that my family will need. I still need work on a good water supply. Unfortunately, my husband pooh-poohs digging a well (way too expensive) so I need to get more information on a good source of clean water supplies. That is my goal this year.
    Sharon, Lakeland, FL

  • I cook with my food storage everyday right now, but I really want to focus on how to cook and use my food storage when there is no power, or when we are in an emergency situation.

  • JoyceH

    1 Purchase a dehydrator
    2 raise baby chicks for our own eggs
    3 Plant some berries
    4. Can more produce from our garden
    5 Clean my storage room

  • Tim Medlin

    I am using my food storage to cook weekly. Not just letting it sit there. I restock what I use to keep up my 6 month supply. I grow a garden and am currently looking at several fruit trees and other edible plants for my raised bed garden. I want to learn to can those or purchase a dehydrator.

  • nova

    Inventory and rotation of foods
    inventory of 72 hr kits
    plan for how to transport kits and kids on my own
    emergency vitals binder
    teach kids about preparedness

    be ready for this years food storage made easy challenge week

  • My goal is to get my 3 month food supply together and to also get an organized system put in place so that I can inventory what existing storage I have and know what I still need, when to rotate, that sort of thing.

  • Roberta Armstrong

    My goals for 2013 in relation to my Food storage are 1) Finish organizing my binders, 2) Add shelves to my pantry and a few more kitchen cabinets [they were missing when we bought the place] and then organize again [just did this last month: That is when we decided to expand], 3) Set up food storage room [this includes insulating with Celotex], adding shelving and labels, 4) Start gathering my long-term bucket storage [as I’ll finally have a place to store them], 5) Figure out a rotation schedule/chart, 6) Try recipes that are cooked from my bucket stores, 7) Plan & implement indoor garden and herb garden. [Very] fortunately for me my husband is 100% on board and eager to do the work!… So I guess this would be OUR goals for 2013.

  • palintologist

    My goal is to take an inventory of everything I’ve got and to add the “skimpy” or non-existent items before everything hits the fan.

  • Kirby

    This year I want to start a garden using heirloom seeds. I want to increase the amount of canning I do. I’d like a greater variety of vegetables and add to my canned meat stocks. I’d also like to start canning more “ready meals”, like stews and soups. Also want to build up water, dried eggs, and dried milk stock. Medical supplies and reference books. Finally, another food cooking source…so a solar oven would be great!

  • Bill Hickman

    Expand total preparedness to cover fuel, food and finances to last at least 6 months in an emergency situation.

  • Mom of 3

    #1 Remember how lucky we are that my daughter is still alive!!!

    My very young daughter (oldest of my 3kids) was just diagnosed a few weeks ago with type 1 diabetes. My main goal is to revamp my food storage plan to incorporate more foods and supplies for her unique and life saving needs. First on my list is to increase my storage of meats and high protein yet low carb foods. Beans don’t really work for her anymore since she is insulin dependent and the more carbs she eats the more shots she needs. I need a way to cook things better too. Ready made meals are great for the ret of us but not her. I have a great canned food supply but need to increase freezer meats and dehydrated meats. We are looking into buying a half cow butchered. It may be overall less expensive. My entire budget is out the window with all of her medical expenses! So we are looking into all options.

  • Wendy

    I’m going to be better at square foot gardening and start making my own bread instead of buying it at the store.

  • My goal is to start … Even though I work in a company that provides in home care of developmentally handicapped adults. And we have 72 hours of provisions for each of the houses. I have never started one for our home.

  • Rebecca M.

    My goals are:
    1. Get our food storage room cleaned out. It becomes a room where everything is thrown.
    2.Restock things we haven’t restocked in about 8 months.
    3. Use more of our stored food-such as the flour and sugar-so it won’t go to waste..
    4. Learn to make more with my wheat.

  • Stephanie

    Each month I will make specific goals. I did January & February & will follow up after I have more specifics.
    January: 2 week supply of water (check!); Check 72-hour kits; Do an inventory update with pictures & a list (for renters insurance),
    February: Make a list of foods we most often eat; Schedule purchases for a 3-month supply of food.

    I decided to dedicate a lot of this year to food storage & making it a priority financially. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  • Sonya

    My 2013 food storage goals are to have a water storage system, buy some heirloom seeds, and to continue to add to what I already have. I also would like to get more organized with what I presently have.

  • Cindy Martinez

    My food storage goals this year are to:
    1. Continue building up the storage supplies
    2. Figure out a workable inventory system (that my husband can deal with.)
    3. Water storage!! Must have increased water storage!!
    4. Build a greenhouse.
    5. Cook with the food storage items more…create my own cookbook of recipes that worked AND were liked by all.
    6. Replace the seals in my tired, old pressure cookers before fall canning!
    7. Make my own bread more often.
    8. Be more positive and rely on God more fully.

    • Roberta Armstrong

      Great goals!

  • Rebecca P

    1- Can more then chicken and beans.
    2- Stock up on more freeze dried fruits and vegetables.
    3- Learn to like and cook with freeze dried fruits and vegetables. haha

  • Jenn

    My goals are to continue to educate myself and others on the importance of preparation. I am new to this whole idea and I am so thankful for the people in my life who are willing to help me in this learning process. I want to know more so that I too can help others. I am in the process of building up a healthy pantry and storing other necessities. I desire to enlarge not only my storage, but my collection of recipes. I have several friends who already have your sun oven and I have tried some of their delicious meals. I am so impressed! One of my goals for this year is to have one myself. Hopefully it will be by winning this contest! 🙂 Thank you!

  • LaShelle S.

    This year my #1 goal is Long-Term food Storage. This has always been something that I have put off, mostly because it is VERY intimitating!!! We’ve added it to the budget, now I just have to get started…

  • LizW

    The year ahead looks rough from a monetary standpoint, and we have been using our Food Storage more than adding to it recently, but my goals for 2013 are to:

    -grow more in the garden this year
    -keep on baking my own bread from freshly ground wheat (so yummy!)
    -use beans more each week, find more recipes!
    -declutter and organize my food storage better
    -stock back up when we are able

  • AJ

    1. Grow a spring garden

    2. Replace stored water

    3. Buy extra canned items when they’re on sale

    4. Learn how to make more meals from scratch

    5. Add non-perishable food items to our car bins.

  • LauraB

    I would like to help my daughters get going with their food storage. I would like to get better at rotating what I have, and increase my storage to a 6 or 9 month supply!

  • Caryn J

    My food storage goals for 2013 are 1) To finish building up a year supply of food, 2) To learn to can more things, including spaghetti sauce and apple crisp filling, 3) To start using fresh ground wheat in recipes since I just got a wheat grinder for Christmas!

  • JanaGalt

    My goal is to finalize the purchase of our very own rural property within the next 30-45 days, so the garden and livestock raising can begin! I have the plans ready for a chicken coop, goat enclosure and 4 raised beds for veggies. This fall will come the fruit orchard. Next spring, a few more raised beds, some edible landscaping, medicinal herb garden …oh…you only wanted this year’s goal according to the instructions LOL! – but you can see how excited I am about this! I will continue the steady addition to the dry food storage, but being able to provide somewhat for ourselves long-term has been my #1 goal for years now, and we are so grateful for the blessings that will make this dream come true!

    • Roberta Armstrong

      Congratulations on the property!

    • Bonnie

      Congratulations! I have been hinting to my husband for several years that I want chickens. I recently read that if you have the chickens and goats in the same enclosure predators will stay away from your chickens because they think the goats are big dogs. Now I’ve added goats to my wish list too. We also have room for a couple cows.
      My hope is to find someone who raises pigs and make a trade – beef for pork. Good luck!

  • Jenny P

    My goals for 2013 are to keep adding a little to our pantry each time we go shopping. I also would like to add canning items and learn a way to can meat or find a better way to keep meats. I also would like to learn how to cook on my wood stove as this could be very useful. My husband also bought me a bow for Christmas, and I need to learn how to use it just in case too. We can never do too much to prepare.

  • My food storage goals for 2013 are to learn to can tomato and cucumbers. Last year was unsuccessful. I just made a big tomato mess. This year I am having a friend come over and show me how. I also bought Sorghum seed to plant to see if I can use it for horse feed. Hay prices have gone sky high! I am also researching ways to store more water for us and our animals. Our animals need their own food storage too!

  • JenJer1772

    I plan to keep building up on my year supply of food storage by cooking a little extra each meal and canning it as I go. I also plan to buy a little extra each time I go to the grocery store.

  • Candace

    My food storage goals this year are to build my year supply of the basics. Grow raspberries in our new raspberry garden my two youngest children built last summer and can jam with it. Plant some basic veggies in containers on our porch and continue canning and making bread. Yum!

  • Shea

    Build up our gluten free food storage and get rid of our wheat. Replace what we have used up in our buckets.

  • Lamanlita

    I would love a sun oven! My goals are pretty simple for this year:

    1. Since we live in a small apartment and our little family is growing, it takes a lot of creativity to find extra room for food storage. So the first 2-3 months, I will go room by room, getting rid of stuff, re-arranging, organizing etc to identify spots where we can store food and water.

    2. We’ve allocated some $ amount in our monthly budget that will go to food storage. Since we already have 72 hr kits, car kits and basic food storage (for a month or so), our next step is to be electricity independent (hence my excitement to be entered in this giveaway)

    3. Lastly, our other focus for this year is water. So every month, we will store a certain amount, starting in March with a 55 gallon drum!

    • LizW

      Don’t wait until March to start your water storage, you can build up a small supply with clean empty containers from juice or soda even before you get your new barrel!

  • Edna

    My goal is to get my seeds started early enough to get the starts in my garden on time this year. Six years of late starts due to ignorance is enough.

  • Robbie

    A month ago we gave away nearly everything we owned, and moved 2000 miles across the country. In the interest of space (and gas money), I was able to keep only the minimum of storage foods. So, we are starting all over again! Now in a small apartment, the storage space is somewhat limited, however we now have the option of growing vegetables and fruits on a rather large patio, pretty much year round. My goal for the year is to expand my canning of fruits and vegetables, and to try canning meats for the first time. In addition, my husband and I have revamped our budget to add more long-term dry storage, and water. I see some creative storage solutions in my future!

  • Debra

    Some of my goals for this year are: use more of what I store, try sprouting more grains, seeds and nuts, and continue to teach and encourage my children to do the same in their homes. When we get together, I try to teach them something new; making laundry soap, soaking and sprouting grains and using a water bath canner to cook multiple bottles at one time, I am making fire starters this month to give away as gifts, and I would like to make my own candles this winter. We raise a large garden and have a green house, and I want to try some new varieties this year. Thanks for your great ideas!

  • Jen

    My food storage goal for 2013 would be to can more produce from our garden, enlarge our garden so there is extra to can, and to complete our 3 month supply of food! Thankfully, we met our goal of water storage last year, so now we just need to rotate!

  • Carol

    Organize, replace the food I use, organize, garden, organize, can and freeze, organize, improve my first aid supplies and organize. I have a good supply and raise a nice garden, but did I mention ORGANIZE?

  • Andrea

    Yes, please enter me into the Sun Oven give away. I’m old school and don’t even have a Facebook account.
    I’m just beginning to consider serious food storage beyond the basics which are always in our pantry. I’ve signed up for your checklist newsletters and look forward to tackling these baby steps this year – working on checklist #1 this week!

  • Bonnie

    My husband and I freeze
    or can produce from our garden each year, but it is limited to pickles, salsa,
    green beans, tomatoes and corn. Not
    enough variety to offer many meal options. We live in earthquake and tornado
    territory, so I would really like to get a three month supply to start and then
    build on that. I recently bought a
    vacuum sealer and plan to add a dehydrator closer to garden season so I can
    supplement my purchased dehydrated and freeze-dried foods. I have never canned meat and really want to
    learn. I have also never ground my own
    wheat, but would like to try that too. (Yes, I am what’s known as a newbie!) By the end of the year I would like to have a
    year’s supply on hand for my family plus extra for neighbors if the need
    arises. My ultimate goal is to become as
    self-sufficient as possible so I can have peace of mind knowing we can take
    care of ourselves if needed and be able to help others if they need it as

    • Robbie

      Aren’t vacuum sealer’s awesome! It’s great not only for long term storage, but I use my daily to help keep leftovers fresher longer. It sounds like you and I are on the same page. Good luck in your canning adventures!

      • Bonnie

        Good luck to you too!

  • Jenn O.

    I have many food storage related goals.
    1st I am trying a square foot garden for the first time.
    2nd I want to get a whole year’s worth of the basics like wheat, beans, dry milk, etc. I will do that through the LDS cannery.
    3nd Through Thrive and their q system I will get food storage that will “enhance” the basics like fd fruits and veggies. I will do this based on my monthly budget, so I am not planning on getting a whole years worth yet.
    4th Keep an eye on deals at the grocery store to keep up with my 3 month supply.
    I learned the hard way this last year while my husband was unemployed how important it is to keep a well rounded food storage. That’s why this year I hope to stock up for any lean times in the future.

  • Hubby and I are going to try to grow some of the hulless oats this year. Just a small plot to see how hard it is to harvest. We will use the same garden space that we grew popcorn in last year. That was the Calico popcorn and we got 20 pounds off of 5 rows 15 foot long. Can’t wait to see what the results of this experiment is.

  • Summer Alger

    I would love to be entered to win a sun oven!! My food storage goals in 2013 are really pretty simple. My family is growing as we are expecting our fourth child in three months. I would like to inventory what we have to be sure that I have an adequate amount of food for our growing family. I am purchasing more 55 gallon water barrels, putting in my first garden this spring, and planting at least twenty trees on our property that will all provide fruit and nuts for our family. I recently became brave enough to try using our pressure cooker to can some meat, which was really not that hard to do. So, in short I’d love to know what we have, decide what we need, learn to grow our own food, preserve as much as we can, and help our neighbors and church members learn with us, I recently received a call in my church to work as an emergency preperation assistant, so I would love to help other families become more self sufficient and learn to enjoy using their food storage daily so they become familiar with it and excited about it!! I am also starting a CPR business, because being prepared is really such an important and vast topic, I believe people should be prepared for anything!!

  • Sara

    Jan. – add to/update 72 hr. kits

    Feb. – buy a tent, learn to use new Volcano cooker

    Mar. (red cross month) – 1st aid kits for 72 hr. kits, car kits, work kit, plan garden

    Apr. – 3 days worth of water per person, water purifier tablets

    May – car kits, office kits

    June – rotate update 72 hr. kits, 3 month supply of food

    July – 3 month supply of food

    Aug. – under bed “72 second” disaster kit

    Sept. – (nat’l prep month) – yet to be decided

    Oct. – purchase some main essential oils, learn to use

    Nov. – solar generator (black friday)

    Dec. – Heater source purchased.

    I have a hard time grasping my emergency prep when it’s broken down into “buy 2 cans of tuna + a pkg. of macaroni + a tomato paste can this week” If I do an overview then I can plan for which months will need a bigger budget and see what they overall goal is. I still get a little extra food here and there but it helps me to have a bigger perspective of the year’s goals.

  • Katie

    My main food storage goal is to USE what we store, and then replace it. At one time we had our year supply, and then got lured into a false sense of security. We didn’t eat much of it, and much of it went bad. After throwing away a lot of food, I had to re-examine the correct strategy. Use it or lose it, and store what you eat. That is what I hope to do.

  • Sue M

    1. Implement a better rotation plan to keep our storage fresh.
    2. Maintain a more current inventory on stock on hand and list needs.
    3. Fill in those “holes” that I find.

  • Being unemployed puts a glitch in my plans, but I have been buying different items for $5.00 each week, if i have extra- I get $10.00 and I should have enough food storage at the end of the year. Also having raised beds gardens and chickens for my food storage as well!

  • Rebecca G.

    My food storage goals for 2013 are:

    1. Even though money is tight, budget in some money each month for small food storage items.

    2. Save a bit each month for bigger emergency preparedness items (water filter, sun oven (unless I win it!), sanitation supplies, etc.).

  • Lori

    My plans for 2013 are to:
    1. Learn how to can my vegetables from my garden
    2. Store more wheat, powdered milk and condiments
    3. Buy more water barrels and 5 gallon water containers
    4. Buy or make shelving to rotate canned goods
    5. Some sort of communication system (a real challenge)
    6. Clean out my closets to make more room!!

  • Kasha Oelke

    This year our food storage goals are to expand our organic garden, add some more herbs, retry growing garlic after I studied up on what went wrong last year, begin pressure canning, dehydrate a bit more, and explore more alternative energy ways to prepare food. My goal is to slowly but consistently find ways make my own unprocessed food, be as self sufficient as possible and throw away as little food as possible. It’s Lean Management for my kitchen/pantry. 🙂

  • Willows227

    We are homesteaders that grow/raise much of our own food. I can, dehydrate and freeze all I can. Last year my husband and I hand dug a new root celler to hold more food storage as our house was becoming over crowded.

    This year our family has started to follow the Paleo diet so this years food storage goal is to have a 100% Paleo pantry and food storage which now includes several items I never stored before like coconut, tapioca flour and parsnips. The hard part will be rehoming the pasta, legumes and grain products I had previously stored.

    Diana in Roxboro, NC

  • bc

    my goal is to get excited about food storage again. I’ve used up a lot and need to replenish

  • Lisa K

    Our food storage goals are to keep using and rotating what we have. Add more spices, more sugar, more grains, and learn to can more meats. We use mostly cast iron here for cooking, except for tomato products and boiling water. I absolutely LOVE baking in my cast iron.
    Other things we want to add to our food storage is raw honey, cotton (for bandages), twine, heirloom seeds, medicinal herbs, and of course, MORE water.
    One thing we don’t have yet is a sun oven, and it is something we would definetly use. We use our Kelly Kettle and our Stovetec Rocket Stove all the time. But it would be nice to have some baked items as well.

  • Brenda

    I have finally gotten out of the planning stage and started to implement those plans. My goals this year are to be able to do something with the stores I have.
    – learn to can fresh veggies from the garden
    – learn to can meat
    – learn to solar cook and build a rocket stove for those non sunny days
    – get some water storage. I’m sorely lacking…

  • kglancy

    My goals for this year are to
    1. organized my food storage better
    2. make a plan of meals that can utilized what I have
    3. fill in the gaps
    4. eat out of the freezer to save money and rotate

  • kglancy

    My goals for this year are to
    1. organized my food storage better
    2. make a plan of meals that can utilized what I have
    3. fill in the gaps
    4. eat out of the freezer to save money and rotate

  • Katie H

    my food storage goal is to get my binder built, finish my 3 mo planning and actually get my 3 mo storage made. I have frequently started but not finished whenever something gets “in the way” . First, I can’t find the binder dividers suggested. excuses,1) I have cardstock and recently found some stick on divider labels….I’ll make my own dividers! 🙂 2) I have started my 3 mo meal plan excel sheet but never finished it…Finish!!! & 3) take that data from the excel sheet and get the stock built. After those goals, I’ll be on track to move to longer term storage and tools (grinders, etc…) Thanks for the kick in the butt!

  • Cindy Trimble

    1. Be grateful for what I DO have.
    2. Maintain a true 3 month supply of food.
    3.Save enough money for a 3 month period.
    4. Rotate my stash more regularly.
    5. Teach my young marrieds how to start their own Food Storage.
    6. Learn to can.
    7. Stock up more meat in my freezer.
    8. Keep a better record of what I have in Food Storage.

    • PatriciaD

      So glad you mentioned as #1 being grateful for what you have. I think we focus too much on what we still need and forget that if something happened today we would at least have what we do have…thank you!!

      • JanaGalt


        • LizW

          Ditto, a grateful heart finds joy in the smallest things <3

    • Roberta Armstrong

      These are all Great goals… I will have to look into implementing these once I’ve achieved the goals I have already set!

  • RD

    We move a lot, so I always feel like I am starting over with food storage. We moved to Florida and were just in time to experience hurricane Isaac. I was prepared with my 72 hour kits, and was able to get an evacuation box ready to go. Luckily we didn’t need them-but it made me really motivated for 2013 to be flesh out the storage I have and get creative with ways to cook w/o power. This giveaway totally fits!

  • Rebecca

    My goal is to get our 3 month supply going and start learning recipes that will use our food storage 🙂

  • Cathie

    1: To remember to thank Heavenly Father every day that I have some food storage.
    2: To organize my food storage so I know what I have and what I need.
    3: To begin rotating (using) my food storage so that I know what to do with it and to know what I can do to feed my family and others.
    4: To set up ready to use meals from my food storage.
    5: To be able to share with others how wonderful it is to have food storage and how great it tastes so that they will want to have food storage, too.
    6: To be prepared to live on my food storage and share it with others if necessity strikes.

  • Alison

    My 2013 goal is to complete my 1-2 year food storage. Also I want to plant more vegetables and learn to can.
    I would love a sun oven! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Michelle M.

    I am an unorganized MESS when it comes to my stockpile. I have it in various places all over the house. My goal is to talk the husband into clearing out the cabinet under the basement stairs of all of his electronics from the 1980’s and use that great space for my homemade canned good and the small amount of stockpile I have accumulated. I also need to MAKE time to read through your binder steps and choose at least 1 or 2 things to accomplish each month. May take me longer to get fully prepared (my hubby isn’t quite on board with me yet) but I’ll get it done eventually!

  • A Thomas Hawkins

    I have two goals for food storage in 2013.

    The first is to get away from plastic storage containers as completely as possible.

    The second is to practice what I’ve learned so that I no longer find myself wasting any of the beautiful organic vegetables I get from my share of the local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Project.

  • Wise Mom

    My goal is to learn how to can w/a pressure canner.

  • grammiesuki

    My goal is to can more veggies from my garden

  • I’ll try to list my answer based on the way the contest question is phrased which is “what are your food storage goals”. A goal is what you hope to achieve – a plan is the method to achieving the goal. My goal, or what I hope to achieve through food storage is multifaceted. My first goal was to have enough shelf-stable food on hand to get through an emergency that would prevent me from going to the store and also prevent me from having electricity to store food. You see, I had this happen just two years ago. In 2011 the east coast got hit with a freak ice storm on halloween day. The results were devastating and the damage was long lasting. I was without any power at all for 17 days. It was a horrible experience, but I didn’t need to panic about how we were going to eat because I had followed your steps and was more than prepared. We ate from a large assortement of dried stored food and even used plans for a solar oven to heat water for some of the mixes. Throughout the outage, me and my daughter stayed well nourished and well hydrated. If I hadn’t learned about food storage and taken the steps as outlined, we would have faced the dilemma that thousands of others faced – closed roads, closed stores and the very few that had a generator backup had their shelves wiped clean the very first day – there was nothing left and the devastation prevented any trucks from making new deliveries. Beyond keeping an ample emergency food supply, my other goals are to stock up and preserve our favorite foods when they are on sale. Food costs are climbing at an alarming rate and there’s no end in sight. Buying the foods now, and preserving them, prevents me from having to buy them at a much higher cost in the future. My last big goal is to preserve food for my family to have- specifally my two adult children. I have a 25 year old son and a 20 year old daughter. They are just entering the world as independent adults and with the economy so fragile, they are truly struggling to afford what is needed. I help by both growing and buying delicious, nutritious fruits, vegetables, and even meat and dairy and preserving it for them. A few times a year I give both of them a “mom loves you” box (as I call it) and its full of preserved foods that not only do they love to eat, but is also GOOD for them. I feel so much better knowing thay aren’t eating quick convenience or processed foods because they couldn’t afford to buy fresh food on their budget. By shopping smart, and growing what I can within my ability, they have an abundance of nutrient dense food at all times so they can stop worrying about food costs and I can stop worrying about it for them. Lastly, I also take some of what I preserve and donate it to my local food pantry. There was a time that I was struggling and was a recipient of the food pantry and while I appreciated their help tremendously, the food provided was very processed and low in nutrients. I understand why – the food pantry is non-profit and works off donations so they can only give out what they get in. By me donating nutrient dense preserved foods such as fruit, veggies and even herbs, those using thier service are getting something truly special. Not only do I care about helping others, but I care enough that I want to make sure what they eat is not only filling them up, but also fueling their nutrient needs as well. Thank you for helping me make all this possible. Its made my life better, made the lives of my children better and made the lives of those anonomous recipients of the food pantry better and it was so easy to learn when taught in ‘baby steps’ – Lisa L.

  • Mary

    2013 goal is to expand dry bean storage. Am enjoying the variety of recipes available. They store well and have been grinding some in my new grain mill!

  • Tara Carpenter

    We just moved from a 2 bedroom apartment to a huge house! So my goal this year is to buy a can rotation rack and stock up on canned foods we use every day like corn and green beans.

  • Jinx

    My goal is to have one year of “supplies” for my family. My problem is space!!! I have had to get VERY creative in where to store. We live in a hot climate and cannot store foods in a garage or outdoor shed. I need to recheck supplies and see what could be stored in the out buildings instead of the house. This year I need to take a good look and inventory the non-food supplies and make sure that the pets will be provided for. Your site has had so many good tips that I have shared. I used your 72 hour jug in a demo at a local emergency preparedness fair! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • My goal is to work more on my long term food storage and actually use it on a regular basis.

  • Nanlee

    My food storage is fairly good. I think we have over a years worth or maybe closer to 2 years of good food. I’ve been canning and hope to get at least 106 jars of home canned meats and meals by the end of this year. It’s a slow process due to my having to wait on sales on meat but I’m patient and hope to complete this project before summer vegitables start to come in. Then I want to switch over to jellys and vegi’s that we like. I am also working on ‘Meals in jars or pouches’. Love the convience of these things as all we have to do is put water in them and cook a bit. That’s why I would love to have a sun oven, It would give me the assurance of being able to serve my family healthy hot food in an emergency on most days ( at the beck and call of the Sun). Glad you all got your skies cleared out and can see the beauty of the Lord’s handywork. Bless

  • Katie

    Our family goals:

    1) increase the size of our garden to produce a year’s supply of 8 different vegetables for 2 families and help the other family with their garden of 8 other vegetables (so we’ll each have a year’s supply of 16 vegetables).
    2) make meal plans using the vegetables we will grow and store
    3) start keeping bees
    4) fine tune a system to sprout grains for animal feed
    5) make a list of all the foods in our current storage
    6) find another source for lard
    7) increase our storage of oils and nuts

  • Shelby

    I’m just starting my food storage adventure. In addition to planning what I need to store, what needs to be rotated when, etc, one of my goals is to learn how to use the foods I’m storing. For instance: beans. My family doesn’t eat many beans, so this year I’m going to work on recipes that use beans until I find a few that we like. Another goal is to eat more “whole” foods. Rotating my food supply is an easy way to “force” us to do that.

  • Eibhlin

    Our food storage efforts have been haphazard at best. I buy extra of what we actually eat… and then use it up when it’s more convenient to do that than run out to the store. Equally disappointing, I sometimes forget what’s in my cupboard and when it will expire, and have to rush to use it up.

    (That recently happened with several jars of peanut butter. No matter how much my family loves peanut butter cookies… there’s a limit to how many they’ll eat!)

    I need to be more conscious of our food supplies. My excuse has been: Our budget hasn’t stretched to include formal food storage. It’s time for me to make it a priority.

    My goal is — like Barbara — to calculate what we have, see what we eat that I can stock up on (either as regular groceries or foods designed for long-term storage), and then actually keep track of what we use, and replace it as needed. I’m printing forms to keep track of what we have, and the “use by” dates.

    Also, whether we win a Sun Oven or not, I need to look at our cooking options if we’re without power for any reason.

    It’s all common sense, really. However, a quick check of news and weather headlines is making food storage and preparedness increasingly important, if only for peace of mind. So, 2013 is the year we get serious about food storage.

  • Eibhlin

    Our food storage efforts have been haphazard at best. I buy extra of what we actually eat… and then use it up when it’s more convenient to do that than run out to the store. Equally disappointing, I sometimes forget what’s in my cupboard and when it will expire, and have to rush to use it up.

    (That recently happened with several jars of peanut butter. No matter how much my family loves peanut butter cookies… there’s a limit to how many they’ll eat!)

    I need to be more conscious of our food supplies. My excuse has been: Our budget hasn’t stretched to include formal food storage. It’s time for me to make it a priority.

    My goal is — like Barbara — to calculate what we have, see what we eat that I can stock up on (either as regular groceries or foods designed for long-term storage), and then actually keep track of what we use, and replace it as needed. I’m printing forms to keep track of what we have, and the “use by” dates.

    Also, whether we win a Sun Oven or not, I need to look at our cooking options if we’re without power for any reason.

    It’s all common sense, really. However, a quick check of news and weather headlines is making food storage and preparedness increasingly important, if only for peace of mind. So, 2013 is the year we get serious about food storage.

  • Kasey

    My goals are to complete the first 6 Food Storage Made Easy newsletters. I know they are staggered when they arrive but I just can’t seem to get them done as quickly as they arrive. So, I’m going to try and do one every other month. So far, I’ve already finished list #1 and updated our 72 hour kits!

  • kaytee

    my goal is to pull everything out of storage, check the dates, update the inventory sheets, then re-pack it in an easier to access manner. Also to use up/replace “short dated” items.

  • Barbara Krum

    My food storage goals for 2013 are to calculate what I have, and what I need to fill in to truely be self sufficient for a good 6 months. I also need to order some sproutst. I would like a sun oven too!

  • Donna

    1. Building a hoop house for winter foods,

    2. Continue building inventory

    3. Establishing a better rotating system,

    4. Enlarging kitchen preparation area,

    5. Start raised garden beds
    6. Composting and adding composted manure
    7. Evaluating current food storage and eliminating items not being used.

    Doesn’t sound like a lot, but I will delighted if I accomplish these!

  • Cindy

    My goal is to have a truly complete two-week supply of food, water, supplies, etc., with a written plan of menus so I know what ingredients go with what recipe instead of just having a hodge-podge collection of canned goods. I’ve made baby steps with storage and emergency preparation and my goal is to build up to a 3 month supply but if I can get a real, doable two-week plan in place, that would give me the confidence to do more.

  • Amy B

    My goals are to reduce the amount of vegetables that I buy over this year and increase what I am growing/canning here at home. Eventually I want to only be eating veges from my garden (or the local farmer’s market for what I can’t/don’t grow).

  • Michelle

    Grow a successful garden / Get 72 hr emergency supplies in place / Continue adding to food storage

  • Charley

    Great idea to have us write down our goals. This year we are concentrating on paying off the last of our debts (home and car). Yay! As such, our other goals will be slightly thwarted. We have about two years of long-term storage. Still lots of holes though (oils and such). This year our food storage goals are to center more on self-sufficient things like bees, a small orchard, putting berry bushes in the newly built beds and building new garden beds, learning how to best use the hoop house we bought off Craigslist, and as always, to continue canning our surplus. Another goal is to never buy a loaf of bread again, eggs, or milk. We don’t yet have a milk animal, but we already pretty much just use the church’s powdered milk. Another goal would be to not purchase yogurt anymore either. I have made it from powdered milk before and it’s fine. Just need to discipline myself. Would also like to start practicing with my new pasta maker that I also bought off Craigslist. So while I don’t plan on purchasing a lot of pre-canned dry storage items, we still are working on our food storage goals. (This was a great thinking exercise.)

  • My goals are to can and dehydrate lots of food out of my garden this year. Last year was my first year having a full garden. SO this year Im going to focus on the things I can Can and dehydrate for my food storage. My overall goal for food is to have one whole year worth of food storage not only for my family of 5 but also for my parents. Its a big goal. =) I have quite a bit already but my food storage has room for improvement.

  • Marie

    Growing root vegetables this year for basement storage and purchasing wheat berries for long term storage. Bit by bit adding to store of oils, honey and vinegar, beans. Invest in crocks for storage of fermented vegetables.

  • Teresa

    Work on having a healthy garden. Last year was the first garden in the state we live in now. We really did not get much usable produce at all and I want to try and straighten that out and have a better garden, as well as save up for a pressure canner. We have some serious allergies issues and it has pretty much thrown food storage that I have (number 10 cans etc) out the window. So we are going to try to work with that and heal up while trying to find items for food storage that would work for us.

  • Robin

    My goal is to be as self reliant as possible, by trying my hand at gardening and canning/dehydrating to add to my food storage.

  • Liana

    Iam new to food storage. So my number 1 goal is to have a 6 month supply stored in my home!!! So much to learn an so much to do it feels overwhelming but it needs to get done

  • Liana

    Iam new to food storage. So my number 1 goal is to have a 6 month supply stored in my home!!! So much to learn an so much to do it feels overwhelming but it needs to get done

  • buhlerbb

    My goal is to proactive this year in executing against our food storage and emergency preparedness plans. We already started by purchasing a harvest shelf and signing up for the Q club. We have purchased a 250 water tank and 100 candles. Little by little it will add up and we will get there!

  • pria35

    I’m going to can and dehydrate more this year. Also, going to purchase a wood burning stove. 🙂

  • Renee K.

    My goal is to get rid of clutter, organize certain areas, get a beehive, and make my garden larger this year.

  • Karen

    My goal is to get an accurate inventory on my supplies so I can purchase wisely and fill in gaps. I also want to work on some of my skills – dehydrating and gardening.

  • Jennifer

    My goal is too teach my children why I’m storing food! I want to have some mock emergency situations with them so we KNOW what to do if something should happen 🙂

  • B Yancy

    Our family consists of 2 adults, a toddler, and an English Bulldog, all living full time in a fifth-wheel trailer so we can travel for work. This means our space is extremely limited for everything. This year, my goal is to finally free up some space for food storage. Getting rid of items we never use, looking for space saving alternatives for the items we do, and maximizing every possible inch that we have available. Once I know what kind of space I have to work with I can plan out the locations of each food item and the quantity we can realistically accomodate. Then we can actually begin to fill those spaces. Most of my goal is simple organization. Organizing our space, organizing our needs, and organizing our system!

  • teri

    My goal is to finish my 3 month supply. I have a good base but I want to add juices, fruit, vitamins and chocolate:)

  • Sharon

    My goal is to set aside money for meat, so that when it is on sale for a really good price, I will fill my freezer.

  • Jennie Cooper

    I would like to have a three month supply of food, though I don’t think that’s strictly necessary. I like to have food above and beyond for those times when I don’t or can’t make our monthly shopping trip, but storing three month’s worth of food for nine people, plus water for when the power is out, well, it takes up a lot of space. What I’m really aiming for is food independence. We already have dairy cows and chickens, so fresh eggs and milk are plentiful almost year-round, though we still have to buy feed for the livestock. This year, we are growing some square foot gardens to see if we can get our green thumbs warmed up. We’ve also planted a little orchard, but it will still be some years before we see any fruit. I’d like it very much if all I had to stock in my pantry was grains and baking supplies, olive oil, honey and maple syrup. It might just be a dream, but it’s my dream. 🙂

  • E

    clarification question: is this worldwide or just in the US?

  • Clarissa W

    My food storage goals have been suspended by the spaces I am rearranging. I’m going to have that all done by February and then resume following the babysteps checklists. I’m still on my way to establishing a the months supply. Since I only get one finished a month, I hope to be finished by summer 2014, well at least with the checklists.

  • Lynn

    With three more kids moving away this past fall, there was a lot of packing up of bedrooms…. rearranging of storage to make space for their storage they wanted to return to… and hence the reason I really need a redo of my food storage inventory! That’s my number one goal. I can’t find where anything is anymore!

    No. 2 – While doing inventory, make food care packages for those college kids…. plus the ones newly married. Make plans for their Christmas gifts, too. They want food storage.

    No. 3 – Budget for a large rolling rotation shelf unit. Rotation, Rotation, Rotation!

    No. 4 – Purchase more buckets of popcorn kernels. Besides, it being the best cornmeal ground for all kinds of delicious dishes……It’s been the best healthy nightly snack for my newly diagnosed member of the family with diabetics. They wake up in the morning with a normal blood test reading every time. YAY!

    Thanks for the chance to win. What an awesome giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

    • Binder girl

      My goal for food storage this year is to use your Food Storage Made Easy excel spreadsheet to better organized my current food storage evaluate the gaps in my system and address those. I have been stocking up over the last few years but never with any overall plan in mind. This is the year to change!

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