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We have been gradually adding a few new products to our Food Storage Made Easy Store over the last few weeks and we wanted to give you a brief summary of the ones in the Lindon Farms section. The meat buckets are on sale through February 15th so if you are interested in those, now is a great time to grab them!

Freeze Dried Meat Buckets

We have normally done our meat storage in #10 cans so we were intrigued by these buckets. Each bucket contains one variety of meat packaged in 6 mylar pouches with 19 servings of meat in each one for a total of 114 servings. We like the idea that you can open one pouch to use, while leaving the rest of the pouches still sealed. It’s a little more expensive to store this way but it’s ON SALE this week!

Varieties: Ground Beef, Diced Chicken, Diced Turkey, Ground Sausage
Pricing: Retail Price: $225.00, Our Price: $202.50, SALE PRICE: $182.50
Click here to learn more or buy now (SALE PRICE valid through February 15th)

Garden Seeds

The Lindon Farms® fruit and vegetable seed bucket contains over 316,000 Non GMO seeds. This variety of 25 different fruits and vegetables have been dehydrated to optimum moisture content for long term storage. Every seed is open-pollinated (non-hybrid) so you can collect the seeds and replant them in future seasons. These seeds come with instructions for planting, harvesting, and collecting seed to replenish for a perpetual garden.

Pricing: Retail Price: $399.95, Our Price: $359.96
Click here to learn more or buy now

Tropical Fruit Bucket

The Tropical Freeze Dried Fruit Bucket includes many of our favorite fruits, all packaged in mylar pouches inside a 4 gallon bucket. It’s a nice and inexpensive way to sample several varieties of fruits with one purchase. This bucket contains one pouch each of Whole Cherries, Whole Red Seedless Grapes, Whole Blackberries, Diced Mangoes, Sliced Bananas, and Diced Pineapples. Available in both 150 serving and 300 serving buckets.

Pricing: 150 serving bucket $133.00, 300 serving bucket $250.00
Click here to learn more or buy now

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