InstaFire Overview

InstaFire is a great product to use as a fire starter or even as a stand-alone fuel. It can be stored inside in convenient buckets, it burns in any kind of weather, and will even burn wet wood. It is handy to use in any kind of portable stove or even just on the ground.

– Lights and burns in wind, rain, sleet or snow.
– Burns wet firewood — at almost 1000°, and quickly dries out wet wood.
– Compact and lightweight, easily fits and carries anywhere
– Convenient storage, stores inside and outside, even near food
– Great compliment to other fuels
– Easy to extinguish and re-use

– Leaves more ash than other options
– Hard to get a flame started in high wind

Burn Time:
1/2 cup of InstaFire will burn for 15-20 minutes

30 Day Supply:
One 5 gallon bucket is about 80 cups of InstaFire, which should boil water 3 times a day for almost a month.

InstaFire Introduction

The creators of InstaFire came and cooked for us using only InstaFire. See how it worked out in the video below.

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