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At the start of this year I started the Insanity diet/exercise program. If you have seen or heard of this you will indeed know that I am INSANE. It is tough stuff. But I finally decided that since my “baby” was turning one I might actually REALLY have to lost the last of my baby weight. Sigh.

Well one of the easiest meals on this diet plan involves eating a mixture of eggs and egg whites. I like eating this, I eat it every day. I don’t like throwing away egg yolks every day because I have no use for THAT MANY egg yolks. Not to mention I hate having to go to Costco every three days to buy more eggs.

One day as I was washing 3 egg yolks down the sink I had an epiphany, I have a whole can of Egg White Powder sitting in my cupboard! I’m not gonna lie, I had bought them but had no idea how I would use them as I don’t really make any recipes that call for just egg whites. So I decided to mix one whole egg and the equivalent of 3 egg whites of the powder mix (1 T. powder, 2 T. water). I scrambled them up and they were just AWESOME for my homemade Egg McMuffin. Just throw on some sliced ham or turkey, a little shredded cheese (optional if you want to save the calories) and put it on a whole wheat English Muffin. YUM!

– No throwing away egg yolks!
– Cheaper than buying fresh eggs (it works out to just over $1 per dozen “eggs” even including tax and shipping)
– No wasted refrigerator space
– Healthy and low calorie way to get in some protein
– Easier clean-up
– Saves time not cracking as many eggs and separating out the yolks

What I didn’t love
– When i mixed the powder and water it seemed a bit clumpy, it still scrambled up just fine, but it worried me


Ok if you want to try these out, they are actually on sale at Shelf Reliance for the month of February, yippee! It’s just $12.59 for a pantry can size to try out, or $12.09 if you are a monthly Q customer. If you purchase in a #10 can size you will get a significantly better “cost per egg”(I used #10 can size for my calculations above). Check them out on our consultant website to make sure you get the best sale price. All orders must be placed by 5:00 pm MST on March 1st!

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