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We are VERY excited to let our blog readers be the first to know that we are now officially part of the Survival Mom Radio Network. We have followed Lisa’s blog for the last few years and think very highly of her. We reviewed her book last year and she has also reviewed our eBook. So when she started up this radio network specifically to highlight women podcasters, we were thrilled to be involved with it.

So what does this mean for you?

  • Every other Thursday we will be featuring a new podcast
  • You can download the podcasts from iTunes and listen in your car, at the gym, etc.
  • Learn from us in a new and different way
  • Shows will feature reader questions, cooking tips, how to plan your food storage, best ways to buy it, and much more
  • Special giveaways and sales for podcast listeners only
  • We get to partner with an amazing group of women who are all publishing great podcasts on being self reliant

podcastClick the banner above to listen to Episode 1 now!

In the meantime, here are some resources that we discussed in the first show. In our first episode we wanted to cover something that we’ve discussed here on the blog several times. We talk about three of the most common excuses we hear for why people don’t start their food storage. We give lots of tips and helpful hints on how to overcome these challenges which can help both beginners and veterans alike.

No Money
Our favorite couponing website – Deals to Meals
Dave Ramsey’s Book – The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness
How to make a can rotating rack – Tutorial and pictures
Follow our checklists and buy a little each month – BabyStep Checklists

No Time
Make big batches and use it for multiple things – THE BEST bread recipe
Make mixes to save time while using food storage – Smoothie Mixes and Food Storage Mixes

No Space
Our handout with TONS of ideas – Small Spaces Storage Solutions

  • Barbara Ann

    I store (hide) spices, condiments, syrup, etc. behind books in my book cases. I have purchased a year’s supply of freeze-dried food from Daily Bread. Tasted it and is excellent. I have it in Christmas popcorn cans and marked the plain boxes as holiday decorations. My clue is a receipt copy tucked inside a FedX label sleeve stuck to the cans and boxes. I also have MREs in all the closets. I live in north Florida so no basements or attics leaving a challenge for food storage. Love the cardboard can organizers I ordered online for Costco shelving and bookcase shelving.

  • mamaprepper

    I have a request for something to write. What do you do when you have been stocking, you have the room and money, but you loose a sense of direction. You’ve stored all the basics: wheat, flour, rice, beans, oatmeal, sugar. You’ve canned lots: tomatoes, squashes, jams, etc. You have condiments and such, but you feel like your storage just doesn’t include enough variety. We’ve gotten to about a years worth (while still using/rotating), but feel like we are still buying just as much at the store of stuff we ‘need’ in our daily cooking. I don’t know if I’m explaining this right. I feel beyond buying 72 hour kits and the freeze dried stuff the prep stores sell. I can a lot of individual items, but really feel like we are lacking variety, and even the joy of doing it we once had.

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