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This week for our Survival Mom Radio Network Show we are featuring part two of our show on frequently asked questions that we get asked from our readers and listeners. Many of them come from our Facebook page, blog comments, or email submissions. We cover topics like healthy food storage, home canning and dehydrating, and food storage equivalents. To listen to part 1 of the FAQ’s click here.

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Here are a few links to things we mentioned in the show. Make sure to LISTEN and it will be more helpful to you!

Healthy food storage
The alternative food storage calculator for people who are looking for a healthier alternative can be found on our Healthy Food Storage page. There are also links on that page to many other posts and tools we have to help with healthy eating.

GMO and Allergen Reports:
Thrive Life is one of the few companies to publish a comprehensive allergen, GMO, and country of origin report on their foods. You can see the full product detail list at this link. Almost everything is non-GMO, even the corn! And they don’t source anything from China.


Learn the difference between dehydrated and freeze-dried foods at this post.

Freeze dried equivalents
While we have found some of these to be inaccurate (the meats use about half the amount listed) this Equivalents List from Thrive Life can give you an idea of how powders and freeze-dried foods can be substituted for regular foods in your recipes.

Stay tuned for our next episode in two weeks!

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