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Wheat grinders are one of the staple appliances that people need to own if they are planning to actually USE the foods they are storing for emergencies. We get asked a lot of questions about what kind to buy, should you buy manual or electric, what can you grind, etc. So this week we decided to cover EVERYTHING about wheat grinders in our podcast.

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In this week’s podcast we go over all of the main brands of wheat grinders/grain mills that you may have heard of. We talk about the pros and cons of each and how they compare to each other. We go over different models in different price ranges and help you decide what will work best for you at your budget.


Videos showing some of the different wheat grinders

Comparison between Back to Basics, WonderMill, and NutriMill

A detailed look at the WonderMill electric and Wonder Junior Deluxe

Links to Wheat Grinders We Discussed

Hand Grinders
Back to Basics or “Victorio” Hand Mill – Currently $56.95 at Emergency Essentials
Wonder Junior Deluxe – Currently $219.95 + a FREE Drill Bit Attachment at our store
Country Living Hand Grain Mill – Currently $429 on

Electric Mills
Kitchen Mill – Currently $179.95 from Blendtech (In the podcast we accidentally said this model was a K-Tec and produced by the same company as the NutriMill. We were remembering wrong, sorry!)
WonderMill – Currently $239.99 at our store
NutriMill – Currently $229.99 on

KitchenAid Grain-Mill Attachment – Currently $98.00 at
Super Blenders – Prices vary at Blendtec

Wheat Grinder Pros and Cons + Price Comparisons

This post we did back in 2009 covers a lot of what we talked about in this podcast episode. Some of the pricing is outdated and we have revised our opinions on a few things, but overall it’s still pretty accurate.

17 ways to use a wheat grinder

As mentioned in the podcast, there are TONS of ways that you can use your wheat grinder, for things BESIDES just grinding wheat. Click the image below to view all 17 ideas for using your wheat grinder!

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