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Backyard chickens can be a fun adventure and don’t have to be HARD. A few weeks ago Jodi shared 5 reasons why she thinks everyone should have backyard chickens, and we got a lot of questions email to us about going into more detail about the experience. So we decided to have her talk about it on the podcast. Hope you enjoy it!

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Jodi spends this episode sharing about her experiences with raising two different sets of chickens in two different houses. She talks about how easy it is to get started, what problems you might run into, and reasons why she thinks it is a fun thing that everybody should give a try.

My First Baby Chickie

I named her Lemon 🙂

Too Big for the Kitchen!

See how they hang over the edge. BAD NEWS!

Chicken Coops

The coop my husband built

The replacement coop we got from

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