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It’s here. It’s finally here!!! We have been working on this program for months. We have had a really hard time keeping it a secret … and today is the day we announce the surprise! Introducing our brand new ebook. Now wait- if you’re thinking you already bought our ebook don’t worry, you’ll be getting this program free, delivered right to your inbox! We promised updates for life when we published our first ebook, and so you’re getting the mother of all updates (early Christmas present for you!).

This new program is similar to our original ebook, but instead of having to wait for the updates and printing different parts as they came, you get the complete program all at once. Not only that but we have revised all 26 checklists, added 40 additional favorite recipes from our blog, added a comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Plan, and added full sections on powerless cooking and fuels. Read on to learn more about the new ebook program and why we are so excited. Oh and you might want to snag your copy over the Black Friday weekend. For this weekend only, we are selling our BRAND NEW program for $12. That’s 50% OFF the new price of $24. SO DON’T DELAY.

The Food Storage Made Easy 3 PART FOOD STORAGE PROGRAM contains a Babysteps Checklists Guide, Food Storage Made Easy Encyclopedia, and Recipe Appendix. This full program is a roadmap for buying your food storage and learning how to use it, so that you can have confidence in knowing that you are prepared for a major emergency or any of life’s little every day inconveniences.

1 The BabyStep Checklists part of the program contain 26 Checklists to guide you through building your Food Storage. If you do one of these checklists every 2 weeks, you’ll have a full year supply for one adult in just one year.

The checklists contain the following sections:
TO PURCHASE: A list of products to purchase, with quantities
TO DO: Tasks, reading, and inventory assignments
RECIPES TO TRY: Recipes to try that use the foods you have bought, and the concepts you have learned about


2 The Food Storage Made Easy Encyclopedia is a reference manual that you can refer back to again and again to answer all of your food storage questions.

The 98 page encyclopedia contains the following items:
INFORMATIVE ARTICLES: Five years of topics we have researched and discussed on our blog
E-PREP PLAN: Fill this out and be ready for any emergency
PLANNING TOOLS: Calculators and worksheets to guide you through making your food storage plan
CHARTS/DIAGRAMS: Printouts you can stick in your pantry to make cooking easier



3 Within each checklist we assign you to cook with the food which you just purchased. We don’t leave you hanging! We include at least one family favorite recipe that uses every single ingredient listed in our food storage calculator as well as all of the extras that we encourage you to buy as well.

The recipe appendix includes:
60 FAVORITE RECIPES: Family recipes from our personal kitchens that we know you will enjoy!
SUBSTITUTIONS GUIDE: Instructions for swapping regular ingredients for food storage ingredients in any recipe



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