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We always have fun discussions on our Facebook page and love to get to know all of our readers better over there. We recently asked how people use their FoodSaver or other vacuum sealers and got a TON of great responses. We compiled them all here for a quick, easy-to-read list. If you have a FoodSaver, break it out and start using it for some of these things! If you don’t have one yet, you can check them out at the FoodSaver website.


40 Ways to Use Your FoodSaver

Using Foodsaver Bags

1. Seal cheese to last longer in the fridge
2. Vacuum seal treats to send overseas to military/missionary family members
3. Preserve leftovers for freezer meals
4. Buy bulk meats and split into single recipe portions in freezer bags
5. Store toiletries and sanitary supplies compacted
6. Vacuum seal ammunition
7. Vacuum seal photos to preserve them and keep dry in a disaster
8. Vacuum seal important documents for preservation
9. Seal jump drives in 72 hour kits
10. Seal chocolate for long term food storage
11. Create homemade ice packs
12. Reseal chip bags
13. Waterproofing matches
14. Freeze fruits and vegetables in bags
15. Seal any leftovers in the deli containers to last longer in the fridge
16. Seal partially used vegetables to avoid them going rotten before using
17. Seal grains and store in the freezer to extend shelf life
18. Recork bottles of wine
19. Seal bags of snacks/treats for road trips
20. Seal shredded zucchini to use in stews/breads/etc.
21. Trail mix packets for camping
22. Homemade emergency MRE’s
23. Seal cereal to extend shelf life
24. Seal spare clothes for 72 hour kits in large bags to conserve space
25. Seal spare bedding in large bags
26. Seal off-season clothes in large bags
27. Seal turkey leftovers for different meals after Thanksgiving
28. Freeze homemade soups, then vacuum seal them
29. Freeze bread loaves

Using the Foodsaver Jar Attachment

30. Seal bulk spices in jars
31. Seal salads in quart jars to make them last longer
32. Reseal foods from opened #10 cans into mason jars
33. Dehydrate fruits and seal them in jars
34. Seal nuts in jars
35. Seal seeds in jars
36. Seal chocolate chips in jars
37. Seal pet food in mason jars to keep it fresher
38. Store rice and beans sealed in jars
39. Seal crackers in jars
40. Meals in a jar!

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