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We are so excited to introduce you to a new monthly feature we are starting this month! We have had a lot of people ask us to do mini challenges to keep them on their toes and give them something simple and actionable to do throughout the year. So once a month we will be doing a “Get it Done Challenge” and if you participate, get something “done”, and share a photo of your achievement, you will be entered to win the monthly prize.

Oftentimes giveaways are intended to encourage sharing in return for the chance to win a great prize, but we wanted to add in a twist that actually helps you with your preparedness journey, and let’s us all do something fun together!

Are you excited yet???

March Get it Done Challenge:  Fill Those Containers

MARCH CHALLENGE: Fill Those Containers

Many people have water containers around their house but leave them unfilled … or have gone for way to long without rotating the water. So your challenge today is to do at least one of the following THIS WEEK:

1. Go buy water containers and fill them
2. Fill any water containers you have hanging around the house
3. If it has been over one year since you rotated your water, swap it out for fresh


When you have completed the challenge, let us know you did it by posting a picture of your FILLED containers and you can be entered to win a Set of 4 WATERBRICKS + 1 SPIGOT. Here are the ways you can let us know:

– Post a picture to your Facebook wall and tag our page @Food Storage Made Easy
– Post a picture on our Facebook fan page
– Post a picture on twitter and tag our twitter username @foodstoragetips
– Email us a picture at 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have done one of those 4 things, leave a comment ON THIS POST letting us know it’s done. Winner will be randomly selected and notified Monday, March 17 at 10:00 pm MST.

  • Rachael W.

    Put a pic on facebook, I just got a 55 gallon too but in the process of cleaning it out.

  • Lisa S.

    I emailed you a picture. I added two 6-gallon containers and refilled about 10 gallons. I’m excited to have 22 gallons now. I had added a few bottles last year, but the rest I hadn’t refilled for two years. I didn’t realize it had been so long! Thanks for offering this challenge. I needed the extra motivation.

  • Jeanettephelps

    Thanks for the nudge. I had been collecting these containers for storage of small things like rice and beans.

  • Jeanette phelps

    Sent pic via email.

  • Renee Lambert Schiffler

    (Emailed you a picture of our water storage yesterday and posted in here (so I thought) but now I don’t see my post. Just wondering who won the waterbricks? Do you post the winner here or somewhere else? Thanks!

  • Craig and Dani

    We sent a pic of our cleaned and re-filled water barrels via email. Love the monthly challenge idea! Thank you for all the helpful ideas!

  • I sent you some pics of my water storage via email. Would love to have some water bricks!

    I have lots of smaller containers: 2-litre bottles, four cases of drinking water bottles, four 3-gallon bottles, 4 five-gallon jugs, one 15-gallon barrel, and a huge used food-grade 55-gallon drum we just purchased from Colorado Tank and Barrel in our home town. We have filled and are storing the big drum in the garage, and would like to get several more before summer. They ship and they have great prices. Having formerly stored all of our emergency supplies and water in our basement, after the flooding we had last September (2013), we are now starting to store supplies on our second floor as well, just in case. Thanks for the extra nudge with this Challenge to get this going faster!

  • Alisa Didenhover

    Got my water rotated. Love the brick look.

  • Terri Jensen

    I sent you a pic of my water-filled juice bottles. Would love to have some water bricks! 🙂

  • Jane MomwithaPrep

    We do a lot of water storage in small ways – and I shared it on your FB and emailed it. We do small water containers that we rotate and reuse that are stackable, and stack them along the back of our closets where nothing goes anyway, and along the back of our living room wall where furniture is against the wall. Perfect way to keep it easily portable, easily accessible, and it’s easy to keep track of where to rotate from next!

  • Amber Olson

    I have tried several different water bottles over the years, 5 gallon food buckets, milk jugs(great for ice jugs but not long term storage), juice bottles, collapsible water bottles, etc. I thought about getting some of the 7 gallon aqua-tainers by reliance but have read about them bursting after being stacked and sitting for a long while. So today I decided I would try the old 5 gallon army water jug. I like that they are not round which makes storage more efficient than the buckets found in bakeries! I got one today, bleached it and have it filled. I now have 15 plus gallons of water for my family not counting the water heater in case of an emergency. Figures, water has been the biggest issue for our family over the years. It seems like this house we are in springs a leak every other year :(, or pipes in the area are being repaired. We rotate our water supply in the spring and the fall. In the spring we use it to water our garden as it gets started, and in the fall we use it to fill up our 28 gallon galvanized metal tub and bob for apples!

  • Chanah

    Posted my pic to my Facebook page. I’ve been using a combination of one gallon jugs and 2 liter soda bottles. The community in which my father-in-love lives had a two day water emergency last week and all I could think of was “Thank heavens both he and our household have water storage for just this type of emergency.” Thanks to both of you for helping us prepare for this!

  • Alecia

    Sent you an email with photos- my daughter and I took an hour out of homeschool to gather our water bottles. Enough exercise for one day! We filled 10 new ones and replenished at least 5. Now I have a good count, 109 two liter bottles as well as packages of pre-bottled water. Now we have to find more storage sites in my house! Thanks for the fun challenge!

  • Jenni Sue Brannon

    Posted on the fb fan page. Had to use every single bit of water we had this winter when we were without running water for 8 days. First thing we did when the waer came back on was to replenish the stock.

  • Linda Tanner

    A lot of work but I am changing the water in our water storage containers. Probably hasn’t been changed for 10 years.

  • Emzwee

    Just posted on Facebook. I’m not going to rotate till I can use the water, but I just set the event in my calendar, so I’ll actually do it.

  • JM

    Posted on your FB fan page – thanks again for the challenge, it motivated me to fill the waterbricks I bought last year, and figure out where to store them! Now we are much more prepared, we still need to store more water, but at least now we have a 10 day supply and can build from there.

  • Angie

    Posted on my FB wall and tried to tag ya! I’ve been working on this very thing! Luvin the peace of mind from being more prepared!

  • Julie

    Water stored and three different filters ready! Pic posted to FB wall. Thanks!

  • Wheattgrass

    I purchased cases of water bottles form Costco and stacked them underneath my stairs across the back. I also took some used juice bottles and sanitized them. Filled them and placed them on a shelf. See photos on email. Thank you

  • LavanderLady

    I am not able at this time to take a picture because I feel it safer to have stuffed stashed in all sorts of little cubbies and corners. When I go down the aisle for coffee and tea, I am reminded to pick up a couple of gallon of water. We do have a well and lots of running water within 1/4 to 1/2 mile that we can run through Berkley filters so I feel good about our plan.

  • Lee Ann

    I am leaving a comment to tell you I have been storing water all along, but I do not have a smart phone and did away with my facebook…so I guess I don’t get to be entered into your drawing, but at least I know I have water…..I would like to be entered though…

  • Cheryl

    Loved this small challenge. It was a lot of work but went right along with spring cleaning. Found mold in one of my containers so glad to get rid of that one and another one that had bugs on it ewe. Never would have thought to change out the water every once in a while. Thank you so much!

  • KG

    Gotta find a place to store water. Hmmm.

  • Shelby

    I’ve sent you a picture. I’m working on our storage slowly, a little each month. We get 5 gallon water delivered to our house monthly, so I’ve been adding an extra bottle each month and storing them. We rotate the bottles as we use them. It may not be the cheapest way for us, but it’s the most convenient.

  • tlc320

    Would love to give water bricks a try. I just emailed a picture of my shelves of bottled water.

  • Megan Conroy

    I have completed this challenge a long time ago as my water is constantly going out. I currently have 75 3-liter bottles stored around y house and will be taking a picture and posting as soon as I get them all in one location. BTW, I have a 5 person family. I think this is supposed to be close to the two-week recommendation.

    Edit: It is 72 bottles not 75.

  • Vie

    I have bottles and jugs of water for my family that are easy to rotate. Now I have gotten water barrels for the cattle! If we have an outage, they would be in trouble with the drought in Texas. Happy cows, now 🙂

  • Paul

    We have two buried cisterns with 3500 gallons on hand at any given time. These supply the house so they are in constant rotation. If long term emergency did hit this supply would last us around 1 year for two people with rationing.

    • Debbie

      We’re interested in putting cisterns in. Would you share your info on them? Thanks, Debbie in Galax

      • Paul

        I have one 2k gallon and one 1.5k gallon precast concrete cisterns. Both are buried directly in the ground. The well feeds the 2k one. There is a line from there that goes to the greenhouse and one to the other cistern via transfer pump. The smaller one has a half horse submerged pump that pressurizes the house using a pressure switch on the pressure tanks.
        We live out in the country and there is no such thing as city water here so our system is completely self contained. Integrating to a city system would be similar though. Just need to tee into the supply line for the house to both fill and feed from the cistern.

  • DFWGuy

    Still rotating bottled water (see pic emailed). Would love to give water bricks a try to save the used water bottles. Thanks for all the great info!

  • skeptical1

    So excited to see this! I am always rotating my water. I’ve have my smaller jugs up to date and am now onto my aquatainers. The smaller jugs, I mark the number of the month on the lid, so I’m sure to use that water before that month the following year. I mostly use it for making coffee, cooking and watering plants, but I’ve also drank it plain from the jugs without any problems or bad taste.
    I just emailed a picture of one of my aquatainers sitting on my kitchen counter.


    I started my water storage today! Posted on your facebook page and tagged you on my page. Challenge accepted!

  • raid bossgamer

    we have a shower/tub that we do not use I store my water bottles in it. I buy bottled water every time I do my shopping. thanks to your prep advice.

  • Sue

    Hi, I have 2 questions: is this contest open to US residents only, and may I post this page to my blog?

  • Peggy

    Girls, I have followed along for years. I have learned a ton from you both,thank you.
    I fill 2lt. bottles and put them everywhere! I will post a pic on facebook. I don’t have the others.

  • Courtney Page

    Yeah! I’m excited you all are doing this. This has been on my mind this month too, so I actually have already started! I did all of the things above except twitter. I don’t have an account. Can I do instagram instead? Thanks!

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