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We had the opportunity to attend the Thrive Life national convention this month and got to take a first look (and sample) lots of new products and tools they launched to help people build their food storage and home stores. We’ve already started using some of the products and are excited to tell you about them today so you can add them to your own food storage.



At convention we learned a lot about Thrive Life foods and why it is beneficial to include them in both your long term food storage as well as in your pantry to be used every day. In fact, we even taught a class about how to incorporate your food storage into your daily cooking! Visit the new WHY THRIVE page to learn some of the amazing health benefits and costs savings just by cooking with Thrive.

INTRODUCING: New Thrive Bakery Line

Quick, Tasty & Completely THRIVE Quality. The THRIVE Bakery line offers the unmatched quality and taste of THRIVE in convenient mixes that can be made as they are or enhanced with your own ingredients to create nearly any baked good. Formulated in-house with no artificial colors or flavors, hydrogenated oils, or GMO, these quick mixes bring the bakery to your kitchen!

Click here for full details on the six products included in the bakery line:

Honey Whole Wheat Dough Mix
Country White Dough Mix
Instant Dry Yeast
Golden Cornbread Mix
Vanilla Sugar Cookie Mix
Classic Dough Mix

INTRODUCING: Taste of Thrive

The Taste of Thrive is the BEST of Thrive Foods sent to your house in 3 monthly shipments of just $100 each. Each shipment contains amazing resources on how to help you learn to cook with each item using your OWN recipes to save time and money in the kitchen. It also includes a few Chef Todd favorite recipes to get you started if you want to try something new. Taste of Thrive can be ordered as a one time purchase or via the Thrive Life Monthly Q which is an autoship program that helps you get your food storage on any budget. Once your Taste of Thrive shipments are complete you can customize your Q shipments to replenish your favorites, or try even more new things!

Click here to learn more about the new Thrive Life Taste of Thrive program

INTRODUCING: New Thrive Guide

The NEW Thrive Guide is an amazing resource for anyone who has Thrive Foods in their food storage. It includes preparation instructions and usage tips for every single THRIVE product, plus tasty recipe images and ideas, a quick reference conversion chart, rehydration tips, and more. They are doing a LAUNCH SALE for 67% off the regular retail price for the first month, so grab yours quick! Just $7.49 for this valuable resource.

Click here to learn more about the NEW Thrive Guide

We hope you enjoy taking a peek at all these great new items. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these new products and tools. As consultants we can help you get the lowest prices and help with any support issues that may come up.

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