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It’s the middle of September and disaster hasn’t struck yet. What does that mean? The 7 Day Challenge is PROBABLY going to be starting SOON! (That was a big fat hint, wink wink) So knowing that you are about to get hit with the worst (and best) week of the year, what are some ways you can hurry and get a little more “prepped”?

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Tips for the 2014 Challenge

Follow our Facebook page:
Go to and make sure to “like” our page. Sometimes facebook doesn’t show all of the posts in your newsfeed so during the challenge days, make sure you bookmark that link directly and check back frequently. We love to have readers post pictures of THEIR adventures, but they are hard to see on the page. We’ll do our best to repost fun things so everyone can see them. Each day we’ll post a status where you can share your experiences that day and upload pictures directly in the comments. You don’t have to be a member of Facebook to read through these.

Follow us on Instagram
If you have an iPhone or iPad you can follow us on Instagram, our username is “foodstoragemadeeasy”. We will be posting LOTS of pictures there throughout the challenge week, and we would love if everyone could post their pics and use the hashtag #7daychallenge and tag us too. That way we can see your pics and all our readers can see what everyone else is doing there.

Fill your gas tanks and stock your fridges
The challenge rules are no spending money, no eating out, no grocery shopping, etc. for the WHOLE WEEK. You do not want to get the email stating that the challenge is starting on a day when your tank is EMPTY or you have zero milk in the house.

Catch up on house-keeping
Some of the challenge days don’t allow you to use water or power, don’t procrastinate on those jobs like laundry and dishes in case you wake up and are not allowed to use your utilities that day!

Print out recipes and other important information
Many of the days require you to do hard things and we don’t let you use a computer. Make sure you have some resources to help you if you can’t hop online to check a recipe or figure out how to use your Volcano Grill. Now would be a great time to put together your own recipe binder.

Get your family and friends involved!
We have SOOO much fun doing this together and getting our friends and family to join in too. We encourage you to have your friends/family sign up to participate, but at least post about what you are doing on your social media, blogs, etc. We all want our loved ones to be more prepared and this is a great way for them to see some of the reasons WHY you do what you do and it might teach them a little something too.

  • amy

    I’m ready! I work from home though, and used all my days off for moving. A little worried about the no electricity day. I’ll figure something out.

  • Donna Fitzpatrick

    Really going to try to convince my husband to participate this year. He’s fine with certain parts of this, but isn’t willing to give up other conveniences just yet. Hopefully this is the year that he and I can do the entire challenge together!

  • Mary Alice Kinsey-Campbell

    This sounds like so much fun!!! *Wondering what I have forgotten*…will find out soon I guess!

  • Okiesister

    We are ready! Well, I think we are!

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