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Give the Gift of Preparedness - Gift Ideas from Food Storage Made Easy

Tired of all the Black Friday emails?  We understand!  But we also know that this is an amazing time to stock up on great preparedness gifts for your loved ones (or yourself!).  We wanted to share with you a list of preparedness gift ideas for all budgets since this is literally the cheapest you will be able to find these items all year.  Get the most bang for you buck on your preparedness gifts!

Gifts $20 and Under
– $7.99 Crank Hand Can Opener:  Our favorite can opener for opening lots of #10 cans 🙂
– $10.99 Thrive Potato Dices:  50% off regular retail prices, view other Thrive deals here
– $12 Food Storage Made Easy 3-Part eBook:  50% off, perfect for beginners!

– $18.99 Thrive Blackberries: 50% off regular retail prices, view other Thrive deals here
– $18-$20 Waterbricks:  Save on cost per brick depending on how many you order

Gifts $21-$70
– $24.99 Seychelle Water Filtration Pump:  50% off a filter that pumps from any location
– $34.99 Cansolidator Pantry Plus:  Largest can rotating rack view other rack size here
– $55 InstaFire Fuel Starter:  The easiest way to start a fire or cook food in any conditions
– $69 Lindon Farms Meal Bucket:  Just-add-water meals for $48 off retail price

Gifts $70-$250
– $70.99-$181.99 Thrive Life 6 Pack Bundles:  Exclusive sale through consultants
– $99 Prepare My Life Planner:  Easily create an important documents binder
– $219.95 WonderMill Electric or Wonder Junior Deluxe: Our FAVORITE mills
– $249 Thrive Life Harvest Shelves:  Scroll to bottom, click Food Rotation Systems

Gifts $250 and Above
– $258-$325 – Berkey Water Purifiers:  Big Berkey and Royal Berkey are currently available 
– $319 All-American Sun Oven + Accessories:  Complete accessories package on sale
– $339.99 BOSCH MIXER:  Sale price only available on Monday, great low price
– $2000 Lion Energy Solar Generator:  Limit quantity available, buy early to reserve yours

We know your loved ones lives will be blessed by giving them the gift of preparedness this year, and your pocket books will be blessed by getting the gifts at great prices!

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