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Welcome to the 7 Day Challenge. For 7 days, we are testing our Emergency Preparedness and Food Storage Plans. Each day will bring a NEW mock emergency or situation that will test at least one of the reasons “WHY” we strive to be prepared! REMEMBER: No going to a store, gas station, or spending any money for the entire 7 days (unless we say otherwise)! And please feel free to adapt the scenarios to fit your own family and situation.


There are widespread riots and much civil unrest in your state. The governor has declared a state of Marshall Law. You are concerned for your family’s safety and individual rights. Make sure you have your defense plans in place first. Things get so bad that you plan to gather with a group of like-minded individuals in a community out in the country. You will stay in your tent for tonight through tomorrow morning.
Goal: Evaluate your “home defense” plans and prepare for a long-term evacuation

Today’s Tasks:

  • Educate yourself on various ways to defend your home. What are your beliefs on self-defense? Have you discussed this with your family? Here is a post we did that covers lots of options.
  • Inventory anything in your home that you may use as a weapon to protect your family from the riots. Is it in good condition? Have you used it recently?
  • If you have guns, inventory all of your ammunition. Do you know where it is? Do you have enough for an extended period of time?
  • Review gun and knife safety with your children.
  • A neighboring community was overrun by a large mob forcing everyone to leave their homes. Your community has learned that the mob is coming to your area next. As a group you decided leaving would be a safer option and have agreed to band together and move to the country and live in tents. Pack up everything you would want to bring for an extended stay there and see how it fits in your vehicles. How much could you bring? How would you prioritize your space?
  • Take your family out and stay in a tent starting after school/work and through tomorrow morning. No running water, no electricity, and eating only items that you brought with you.
  • FILL OUT YOUR MASTER WORKSHEET TODAY – Doing it as you practice each day will help you remember what you want to include.

fbSHARING TIME: Visit today’s Facebook thread and share what you learned about during today’s challenge.

Today’s Limitations:

  • For this day, and ALL days of the challenge: no spending money, no going to stores, and no restaurants.
  • Do not use running water or electricity while you are “camping”, even if you only camp in your backyard.

Advanced Tasks:

  • Go out for some target practice with your guns if you have them.
  • Research concealed weapons permits and sign up for a class (if you don’t already have yours)
  • Stay in your tent long enough to cook at least three complete meals.
  • Pretend you have used up your fuel supply and use only fuel you gather from your campsite.


Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 8.51.13 PMWe put together a master worksheet for you to fill out each day of the challenge. There is a separate page to list the things you need to buy, do, and learn after each day of the challenge. Include a due date of when you’d like to accomplish the task and check it off when you do it! Fill it out at the end of each day while your memory is fresh.

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