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Wow can you believe it is December already? The year has flown by and we’ve both had some pretty crazy things going on in our personal lives. This is a good time of year to look at your food storage goals you made and see how far you’ve come. Take a peek at Jodi’s and Julie’s goals. We’ll share how we did on them later this month. Now on for the excitement of today!


If you are on our email list, you will have seen the giveaway we did to encourage people to share our Black Friday sales over the weekend. As promised, here is a list of twenty-five people who won a free pack of Thrive Snackies! If you are a winner, please email us at and let us know which flavor you want and your mailing address and we will ship it out asap.

  • Tara C.
  • Leigh Z.
  • Kay
  • Cynthia D.
  • Rebecca G.
  • Brad M.
  • Carmell S.
  • Barbara
  • Julie M.
  • Mare
  • Boni M.
  • Kathy S.
  • Stacey V.
  • Anna M.
  • Cathy P.
  • Alice
  • Rhonda
  • Rach B.
  • Keera J.
  • Meg C.
  • Jana J.
  • Nicole H.
  • Andrea H.
  • Jessica D.
  • Michelle D.

We will also send you an email as we know there could be multiple people with these names 🙂



We wish we could send snackies to ALL of our readers as they really are a fabulous healthy snack and are a great way to transition (trick) your family into eating your food storage foods. So we are going to give EVERYONE the chance to get a free bag.

The best way to buy snackies is to add them as part of Thrive’s monthly food storage autoship program (The Q). You’ll have healthy snacks delivered to your doorstep along with your regular food storage items every month at the budget that you choose.

So here is the deal, for anyone who signs up for a Thrive Q this week and has their first monthly shipment for over $100 we will send you a FREE snackie bag of your choosing. First Q must ship by December 8 to qualify.

For a click tutorial on how to easily set up your Q view the video from our teammates below. Make sure you go to our website to sign up for your Q HERE. Once you have it set up it’s easy to add Snackies or whatever else you want, right into your monthly shipments.

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