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Often times in communities or churches there are people tasked with the responsibility to help those around them become more prepared. In communities it’s called CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). In some churches its called the Emergency Preparedness specialists.

I was recently asked by a friend of mine who is the E-prep specialist at our church for some help planning the year. After working with her on a calendar for the year this idea was born. It’s a Monthly Preparedness Projects calendar. It’s not exactly what I did with my friend but it’s something that I thought you all might like. We shared this handout with our newsletter list last month. Are you on the newsletter list? If not you can sign up here. Today we are publishing it on our blog along with a couple other tools you may find useful. If you know someone who is an Emergency Prep specialist feel free to share this blog post with them. They may thank you for making their lives easier!

Monthly Preparedness Calendar

In this monthly preapreadness calendar we give you ideas with a link to full instructions and details of projects you can do with your family or community to become more prepared that month. Each project is designed to take just a few hours.

Lesson Plans

lesson plans

We created these lesson plans for you to use when you have events, group meetings, enrichments, or even just family activities. The lesson plans and/or handouts can also be helpful for you to share with friends and family members.

Emergency Preparedness Plan


This is a document you can hand out and use for any activity or group. We compiled information from a lot of different resources and created a Family Emergency Preparedness Plan for you to download. This document will guide you through developing your own Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Hopefully these tools help you in your journey. Also our Encyclopedia has TONS of resources. We also do group buys on our ebook. Scroll to the bottom of this page to learn

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