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Last week we hosted a Sun Oven Cooking Essentials Webinar (you can still access the free class through Wednesday, May 4th at midnight). Paul Munsen, president of Sun Ovens International always shares so many great tips on actually USING your Sun Oven to save time and money in the kitchen and I learn something new every time I listen to him speak.

This class was no different. I got it in my head that I really wanted to try the hard-boiled egg trick and Sunday dinner was a perfect opportunity. I somehow ended up hosting my entire family for a dinner and there were 24 people coming to my house for a barbecue. I was scrambling to make a bunch of side dishes and decided this would be a great time-saver to throw my eggs and potatoes in the Sun Oven to cook while I worked on other food items (I was also making this amazing pasta salad using tons of my food storage foods, it was a good preparedness day over here).

I wrapped up my potatoes in aluminum foil after washing them off. I didn’t poke holes in them or peel them or anything. I laid them out on the Sun Oven tray with space in between each one. Then I stuck six eggs in there on top of the potatoes and closed the lid.

After about 90 minutes I went to check on things. I hadn’t repositioned the Sun Oven so the temperature dropped a bit. The potatoes were close to done but still a little firm in the middle. The eggs were more like a soft-boil consistency but the whites were still a bit goopy too. I got the Sun Oven a bit hotter and left them in to keep cooking. In the meantime my family arrived and I sort of forgot about making the potato salad in all the chaos. After about two more hours I checked on them again. Oopsies.

Surprise surprise, it still worked! The potatoes were PERFECT. They did not get too soft or mushy by being overcooked. The eggs took on a strange orangish-yellowish tinge (I believe because I overcooked them) but I tasted them and they were just fine and the consistency was great.

After everyone left I chopped everything up (left the peels on the potatoes and everything). It took me literally five minutes to throw together a complete potato salad. I now have a full bowl just to myself since I missed having it ready for the family, but it was delicious and I’m not complaining!

This is definitely something I want to try again. I loved not having to heat up my oven for 45 minutes to bake potatoes or peel and chop and boil on my stove which always seems to make a huge mess. Don’t forget you can still grab your special Sun Oven Webinar Package until Wednesday if you don’t already have your own. We really do love them not only for emergencies but for every day use!

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